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White Racism Still Exists In South Africa

Three Pretoria High Court judges expressed their shock at the Hoerskol Emelo and its governing board for displaying insensitivity to students who did not wish to be taught by teachers using the language of Afrkaans. Last year the judges rejected the application of the school to set aside a government action which empowered it rather than school authorities in deciding the language of instruction. The school insisted it lacked classroom space to accomodate a wide range of students even though its enrolmment is at the lowest rate in the school’s history. The court insisted children have a right to attend schools in their community which have space available and the Hoeerskol Emelo definitely has space.

The majority of people in South Africa have adjusted to life in a society in which they are now a minority. But, there are those who still seek to create white enclaves that keep out the undesirable black skinned students. Both white and black skinned children will benefit from attending the same school, one in which the language of instruction is in English.