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What Is The Role Of Afrikaners In South Africa?

Many Afrikaner leaders increasingly are impressed by the words of African National Congress leader, Jacob Zuma, that the heritage of the Afrikaner movement will be respected in South Africa. Pieter Mulder of the Freedom Front Plus, said he was pleased at Zuma’s recent comment that “Afrikaners only have one passport. This is their home. They are just like me. I have said many times what is unique about Afrikaners is that they are the only white tribe on the continent which belongs to Africa completely.” In a recent meeting with Zuma, Pierre Theron of the Afrikanerbond urged the ANC leader to fight to restore the Afrikaner language to its rightful place in schools.

Afrikaners dominated South Africa for hundreds of years and oppressed its black skinned population which raises questions for both sides as to the role and rights of the once dominant white group. Theron wants the Afrikaner language to be used in education and to have more teachers who are versed in that tongue. It makes sense to have peace between all groups in South African society.