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Europe Changing Demographically As Britain Grows

Revolutionary demographic changes are sweeping across Europe which will result in dramatically different populations fifty years from now. Overall, most European nations contain a higher percent of people who fit into the aged sector of society. German population is declining while that of Great Britain is increasing which will result in the years to come of Great Britain having the most populous society in western Europe. It will increase from 61 million to 77 million by 2060. Germany is experiencing the reverse with its current population of 82 million shrinking to about 70 million.,

These demographic changes will cause a re-evaluation of current policies such as attempting to restrict immigration from Middle Eastern or Asian societies. West Europeans will need young immigrants to take over many occupations and provide for the care of the aged population. Some critics of Muslim immigration complain it will result in transforming the historical Christian Europeans into a Muslim culture. Who knows, if these trends continue something analogous to that prediction might arise.