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Iranian Opposition Leader May Lead Self To Jail

There are men and women in Iran who fought to free their country from the corrupt and brutal regime of the Shah and now discover themselves having to fight against their former allies in the quest for freedom who decided to emulate the Shah in terms of brutality. Mahdi Karroubi, who once was part of the government, now takes the courageous stand against it because he believes President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has made a mockery of all they fought for thirty years ago. “The judiciary, which….. is required under the constitution to defend constitutional freedoms of the citizens, has become an instruction in the hands of the ruling system and security and military agencies. Instead of providing security to the people, the judiciary has turned to intimidation and imprisonment.” He also lambasted Ahamdinejad’s incompetent domestic policies which continue to produce greater poverty rather than stimulate the economy to produce wealth.

Karroubi is a brave man. Most probably, it is merely a matter of time before Ahamadinejad grows tired of a former revolutionary comrade who seeks to restore the ideals of those who overthrew the Shah rather than the ideals of those now in charge who seek to restore the Shah’s policy of torture and death to opponents.

UN Promotes Illicit Sex Says Mrs. Ahamdinejad

Every so often one wonders whether President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is either crafty or stupid. His wife told a gathering of Iranian Muslim women “thinkers” that western nations were exploiting “the United Nations structure to promote illicit affairs.” She went on to claim “Westerners pursue their improper schemes under the name of development and (alleviating) social discrimination. Iran has refused to join the convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. Conservative clerics believe the idea of women equality violates Sharia-based law. Iranian women who have fought to equal rights often wind up in jail for daring to speak their minds.

In 2009, one out of seven marriages in Iran ends in divorce while in Tehran the figure is one out of four. Me thinks that Iran might look in the mirror before claiming the UN fosters illicit affairs.

Ahmadinejad Makes Sense?

We inhabit a strange world when the rant of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad make more sense than the supposed cool intelligence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Iranian president offer a sound analysis and some words of wisdom to his American counterpart. He quietly noted, “Mr.Obama haw only one chance and that is Iran because only working with his could result in a diplomatic triumph for the American leader who is unable to achieve the semblance of success in the Middle East. “Obama can not do anything in Palestine. He has not chance. What can he do in Iraq? Nothing. And Afghanistan is too complicated.” However, if he wishes to cooperate with Iran there is a possibility of some sort of diplomatic success.

OK, Ahmadinejad is a nut case who frequently makes outlandish statements, but he has opened the door to some type of discussion with Iranian leaders. Why not follow up on these remarks and challenge Ahmadinejad to transform his words into action?

Sanctions Or Talk Or Sanctions?

A cynic would argue that the push for sanctions against Iran’s nuclear program is eliciting from the Iranian government false cries for talk rather than action, an optimist would argue President Ahamadinejad can not be trusted and every time he insists that peace is the goal, he really means “I need more time to develop nuclear weapons so hold off.” Tehran’s nuclear envoy, Saeed Jalil urged Chinese officials that his government was sincere in their desire for peaceful discussions and urged the Chinese government to avoid joining in the Obama demand for sanctions. “Negotiations should be conducted with logic, not with pressure.” He insisted that one can not negotiate if they are also being pressured.

Granted, to pressure and negotiate, in reality, is another name for forcing an opponent to do as you desire. Unfortunately, Iran is led by a liar, a man who even uses force and brutality against his own people and can not be trusted to believe in anything other than maintenance of power and ignoring issues of decency and democracy. The only alternative, at this moment, is using sanctions, BEFORE, discussions.

Iran Continues Assault On Opposition Leaders

An opposition remains in Iran despite repeated efforts by the government to crush its spirit. Opposition leader, Mehdi Karroubi charged the government was “plagued with despotism” even as thugs and government agents lashed out at all those who oppose the regime of President Ahmadinejad. Karroubi raise a question that has never been answered, particularly after Ahmadinejad “won” the presidential election last June: “How can one believe that a president with so many objections against him such as inflation, unemployment…gets more votes than he got in his first election?” The answer is quite simple and it is unfortunate that Karroubi still does not grasp the nature of government in Iran. The object of securing power in Iran is to mess up the government with your incompetence. All one needs in such situations is to secure the blessings of Ayatollah Khamenei and incompetence becomes a virtue.

Oh well, according to the government news agency, Fars, it is Karroubi who is the evil one and that is why thousands gather outside his home to hurl invectives and objects in order to demonstrate their love for the incompetent Ahmadinejad. Where did Karroubi ever get the weird idea the object of government was to Solve problems!!


Thank God Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has taken an interest in the supposed attack on 9/11 of the supposed World Trade Center. The Iranian president, after an exhaustive research of the topic, had finally revealed to the world the real story as to what happened–or did not occur on that day. First of all, the so-called hole where the World Trade Center was located is a sham. Underneath the hole is the real World Trade Center along with all those who supposedly were killed on that day. As Ahmadinejad knows, no Jews were ever killed that day because the night before the Mossad contacted every Jew in the entire New York City region and told them not to go to work. That same night, the entire World Trade Center was dismantled and placed under ground. According to Mahmoud, “September 11 was a big lie and a pretext for war on terror and a prelude to invading Afghansitan.”

Anyone with common sense knows that George Bush worked in collusion with Mossad to plan the entire operation. People who supposedly were killed after remaining undergroudn for a few weeks were flown to Argentine where they presently live on large ranches along with the children of Adolf Hitler who took refuge in that area. I guess the next thing the American government is going to tell the world is that millions of Jews were killed in this thing termed, the Holocaust. No Jews were killed, they now live in Florida and bask in the sun. Say, Mahmoud, what about that supposed “Armenian genocide?”

Iran Celebrates Amidst Sorrow

Perhaps, hundred of thousands of people flocked into the streets of large Iranian cities, many bused in by President Ahmadinejad in order to solidarity with his oppressive regime. Any attempts by opposition groups to protest in support of freedom were crushed by large numbers of security police who made certain there would be no gathering of people whose ideas are contrary to those of the Grand Ayatollah. Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi, called on the people of the West to do everything in their power to impose sanctions on her own nation in order to weaken the power of Ahmadinejad. She also made clear undertaking military action against Iran would lead to world wide disaster for all involved.

Ms. Ebadi raises an important issue. How can the West respond to threats by Iran in a manner that avoids war? At this point, sanctions will not work unless China and Russia become participants in the effort. The prospect for doing anything about Iran’s drive for nuclear weapons does not look bright.

Iran Prepares For Celebration And Violence

Today marks the 31st anniversary of Iran’s revolution which drove from power the shah and his record of brutality and oppression. Unfortunately, as all too often occurs in life, one brutality has been substituted for another. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad hopes today will be a festive occasion and to help ensure no one will be shouting curses in his direction, security forces already have detained hundreds and will be prepared to send a baton to the head of anyone who dares shout opposition. All powerful religious leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has urged people to unite in a symbol of the nation’s unity against outside aggressive powers who seek to limit the country’s pursuit of atomic power development.

Iran’s police chief made clear “we will see a calm rally on February 11 and we will make all enemy plots fail.” And, to make certain of that “any deviant slogans will be neutralized by the people.” In English this means we will beat your God-damn head in if you dare to oppose the authority of the government. Former parliament speaker Karroubi who opposes the current regime, calmly said; “I feel we have to participate while maintaining the collective spirit as well as our identify and leave an impression.”

Did The Iranian Revolution Of 1979 Fail?

The world of 2010 frequently fails to remember how the Iranian revolution of 1979 which drove from power a shah whose regime was noted for suppression of individual rights was viewed by Western liberals. Opposition leader in Iran, MIr Hossein Mousavi, who played a leading role in overthrowing the Shah, said what they had set out to achieve has failed and been replaced by a “tyranny and dictatorship.” Even as he wrote, still another protestor has been condemned to death for expressing freedom of speech, a goal of the revolutionaries. “Dictatorship in the name of religion,” said Mousavi, “is the worst kind.. The most evident manifestation of a continued tyrannical attitude is the abuse of parliament and judiciary. We have completely lost hope in the judiciary.” He no longer believed the revolution ended the tyranny of brutality and oppression since it lives on in the current government.

Since the flawed election of Ahmadinejad in June of last year, there has been ongoing protests, killings of demonstrators, and executions carried out by the judiciary system. In the immortal words of the comic strip character, Pogo, “we have met the enemy and he is us.”

Iran Accuses Martians Of Being CIA Agents!

The Iranian government is convinced of the presence of a vast international Zionist plot in alliance with capitalists whose aim is to overthrow a Muslim government and replace it with a Martian one. Yesterday, for the first time, German diplomats were accused of being behind the “plot” to overthrow the Iran government, and security officers immediately took steps to arrest two German diplomats for their role in supporting anti-government demonstrators. President Ahmadinejad is no fool. He is on guard, not only against the international Jewish banker, Communist, alliance here on Earth, but also on the Rabbi led plot to form an alliance with Martians in order to replace the one true religion–Islamic- with Judaism. As any intelligent person knows, Judaism was created on evening one the planet of Mars when some Martians decided it was time to take the first step on the long planned invasion of Earth, create an Earthian religion.

Think about it. Jews created Marxism. Jews created capitalism. Jews created Christ with all his hogwash about peace and love. Heck, Jews created Hollywood, and television and just about every institution which destroys our values of ignorance and respect for men as the source of all knowledge.

President Ahmadinjad, you are correct. Those damn Germans are out to destroy you. Then, again, any intelligent individual who believes in freedom of speech or the press or religion, is against you. What you do not know is those ideas came from Mars and were brought here by their secret agents.