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Iran Opposition Leader Says Ahmadinejad President

Mehdi Karroubi, a major opposition leader to the regime of Ahmadinejad acknowledged that while the June election contained evidence of dubious voting patterns, “I would say that I recognize the president” as being the leader of the nation. Karroubi has been outspoken in condemning the government for beating protestors and assaulting those taken prisoners including the rape of some women. Although, Karroubi is offering conciliatory comments, a spokesman for him told the media, “It is necessary for you to know that Mr. Karroubi is standing firm and tall and has evidence for all his comments” concerning the brutality of the Ahmadinejad government.

There is some evidence that hardliners are seeking some form of reconciliation with opponents and Karroubi might be offering them a chance to reach out for discussions. Most probably if Ahmadinejad had any sense he would free prisoners and abandon plans for trials. Any trials which led to severe punishment would set back attempts at reconciliation.

Further Gasps Of Reform Protests In Iran

Thousands gathered in the streets of Iranian cities to remember the storming of the American Embassy thirty years ago. Even as cries of “death to America” were heard, reform supporters chanted their own slogans of “down with the dictator, Ahmadinejad.” Protestors knew they would be beaten by the Revolutionary Guard or have tear gas thrown in their direction, but they walked down the streets filled with anger at the clerics who control their nation and deny individuals the right to express their views. in response, militia groups and the Guard stormed into the crowd swinging batons and using force to quell voices of peace and love of country.

In the end, dozens more people were headed to jail, reform leaders were being beaten and some carried off to prison, but the struggle continues and continues.

Death In Tehran Goes On

Death does not have an appointment in Samarra, he is visiting major cities in Iran where brave people fight against the corrupt and brutal regime of Ahadinejad. As thousands poured into the streets shouting curses at the government, burning motorcycles and cars, their fury could not match that of a government which has lost sight of its purpose in life–to serve the needs of the Iranian people. Police wielding batons slugged people to the ground and as the conflict grew worse, members of the Iranian security force fired weapons and killed the nephew of opposition leader, Hossein Mousavi. The murder of four people just infuriated the crowd which chanted, “I’ll kill. I’ll kill the one who killed my brother.”

Naturally, government sources denied anyone had been shot, let alone killed. There are pictures of the dead individuals, but to the government of Iran their only response is brutality and murder. The real issue is what will happen in the coming weeks. Will the Iranian government go all the way and impose a complete dictatorship in the nation? Will clerics finally begin to realize what they have unleashed with their program of hate and violence? Will the Iranian army impose its own form of dictatorship?

Iran Divided By Anger And Distrust

There is always a price to pay when leaders act with brutality against those who stage peaceful protests because the end result is their admittance of being unable to intellectually or morally defend a position. Hundreds of pro-government and anti-government forces held separate demonstrations as Tehran was wracked with violence. Authorities called for national demonstrations to protest the ripping up of a picture of the late revolutionary leader, Ayatollah Khomenini. Protestors ran through the streets yelling the ever welcome, “Death to America” slogan that comes out regardless of what the protest is all about. Government officials have accused supporters of the “defeated” president candidate, Mirhossein Mousavi of deliberately tearing up pictures of the dead leader.

The bazaars closed as clerics shouted anger, the bazaars closed as students shouted their cries for freedom. Naturally, each side claimed to have a larger crowd. Then again, millions of votes for Mousavi were simply thrown away back in June when results showed that 65% “supported Ahmadinejad.” In Iran the question is always can one trust any figure, whether of a crowd or votes, when issued by the Ahmadinejad government?

War Of Words Or War Of Guns With Iran?

The legacy of George Bush will extend into the coming decade and nowhere is this more evident than the situation between Western powers and Iran. In 2001 and 2002 there was an opportunity for America to establish close ties with the reform Iran government of President Khatami but Bush blew the opportunity by blasting Iran as part of the “axis of Evil.” Today, a crazy man heads Iran and Ahmadinejad is threatening missile strikes if anyone intrudes on the sovereignty of his nation. On Friday, Iran flaunted its power by firing advanced long-range missiles capable of hitting Israel.

Ahmadinejad is out to prove he is tough. He is a bully. Some European nations argue an embargo of refined oil will hurt the Iranian population. This is not a reason to hold back, the Iranian population without any embargo is being hurt and its liberties ripped apart by a man who wants power. Short term suffering is well worth the opportunity to compel Iranian leaders to come to the bargaining table. This is not the time to lack courage to focus on long term interests of the Iranian people.

Ahmadinejad And Politics Of Blackmail

Lost in the current state of Iranian politics is the failure on the part of the Iranian government to adhere to Muslim beliefs in honesty, decency and respect for individual rights. President Sarkozy is furious at recent statements by President Ahmadinejad that a French scholar who was arrested in the post election demonstrations might be released in exchange for Iranian criminals now held in French prisons. According to the Iranian president, “there are several Iranians who have been in French prisons for several years” and they also have families.

Sarkozy put it right — this is blackmail. Arrest an innocent French person and use them to secure release of murderers.

Mouse That Roars Roars Again

For some strange reason, the media of America and the Western World becomes highly agitated every time the little mouse from Iran utters another of his humorous asides on the history of the past, let alone comments on the current scene. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s latest comment on the Holocaust aroused fury in the media which most probably allowed him to enjoy a chuckle on how all he has to do is utter some nonsense and he will obtain great press coverage. As he put it, “the anger of the world’s professional killers is (a source of) pride for us.”

We refuse to become involved in a discussion with Ahmadinejad or any of his supporters concerning the Holocaust. For them, it was not a “real event” and if one becomes engaged in discussing reality, they have won the game of making outrageous statements to create a non-debate. The best coverage of the mouse that roars nonsense from Iran is to allow him to squeal and have a bite of cheese.

The Jews In WWII According To Ahmadinjead!

Gather around, little children, while Uncle Mahmoud tells the story of what happened to the Jews in Europe during the 1940s. “Once upon a time, there were some people we will call Jews who lived in Europe. Well, at night their leaders, the rabbis, got a wonderful idea. What if we Jews in Europe went someplace where no one would know who we are. Then, we could claim the Germans under this nice man named Adolf Hitler had killed us. The people of Europe would feel sorry for us and make certain we received land in Palestine which was filled with Arabs and no one cared for them. Anyway, the Jews all went to Argentine and Miami Beach and Hollywood in order to hide out during the war.

Well, the nice man named Adolf Hitler really loved the Jews and he was so, so upset they had gone away. So, when he began to lose the war against the Russians, and British and Americans, he told everyone that he had killed the Jews. And, believe it or not, the world believed him. Once he died, no one could ever find out the truth.

The war ended and the Jews yelled that they had all been killed and the new United Nations felt sorry for them and said the ones remaining could go live in Palestine which belonged to the Arabs, but since they were Muslims, the Christians did not care. And, that is how the Jews who never got killed in World War II came to Palestine and took the land away from the Arabs. Now, go to sleep little children and thank God you are a Muslim.”

How Far Will Ahmadinejad Go?

The situation within Iran regarding the power of Ahmadinejad is still unclear. Does he have complete support from Ayatollah Khamenei? Have hard-lined clerics decided to crush the entire more moderate clergy including sending some to prison? Iranian security agents raided offices belonging to senior reform leader, Mahdi Karroubi and arrested four of his aides. They apparently confiscated documents dealing with investigations into the abuse of prisoners during recent crackdowns on protestors. Morteza Alviri, a former vice president was also arrested and his last words to reporters was, “I’m being taken away by security agents rights now.”

Ahmadinejad is on a slippery slope and he could slide down into a situation in which top leaders of the clergy who oppose his leadership might be arrested. How would that play in the Iranian parliament which contains many who dislike and distrust the Ahmadinejad government?

Frankly, there are presently too many unknowns to state this or that will occur. At this moment, prospects for reformers are not good. But, then again, there is always tomorrow.

Checkmate On Iranian Nuclear Program

The election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as president of Iran was simply one more burden to confront on negotiations to resolve the nuclear development issue between the UN and Iran. Un nuclear watchdog, Mohamed El Baradei, admits the Iranian government made two efforts to be more cooperative such as allowing inspectors access to a heavy water nuclear reactor at Arak and agreeing to improve monitoring at the uranium enrichment plant at Natanz. However, “on all other issues relevant to Iran’s nuclear program, there is a stalemate. Iran has not suspended its enrichment-related activities or its work on heavy water-related projects as required by the Security Council.”

So, where does that leave the world. If Iran pursues a nuclear development program there is a strong likelihood other nations will argue they also have a right to do as they wish regarding nuclear weapons. This would be a disaster for the world.