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Indonesia Cracks Down On Muslim Militants

Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim nation and it has traditionally had the reputation of being moderate in its approach to religion and it allows other religions to practice their faith in peace. However, like most nations, Indonesia also has radical relgious elements who do not recognize the nation’s historical commitment to diversity. Last week, members of radical Muslim groups, waving sticks, charged at members of the Ahmadiyah sect which claims to be Muslim but refuses to recognize Mohammad as the last Prophet. Dozens of people were injured during the attack. Indonesian President Suslio Bambang Yudhoyono sharply criticized the militants and stated bluntly, “the violence has sullied our nation’s reputation.”

Unfortunately, the president needs support from Muslim militants in parliament and he may have limited power to completely curtail their activities. They have been noted for attacking secular groups and even nightclubs. It is encouraging the president has a strong commitment to peaceful coexistence of all groups.

Indonesian Government Reverses Religious Group View

The Indonesian government reversed a decision of the Inonesian Ulema Council(MUI) which has issued a controversial fatwa that declared the Ahmadiyah group to be an heretical sect. Leaders of Ahmadiyah agreed to acknowledge Muhammed as the last prophet. MUI has considered Ahgmadiyah as an heretical sect because it has claimed its founder, Ghulam Ahmad, was the last prophet. The government announced it was willing to accept statements by Ahmadiyah leaders even though the MUI refused to make this concession. Leaders of Ahmadiyah insist their sect is in accordance with Muslim belief and has never denied the importance of Muhammed as the last prophet in the religion. The deputy atorney general asked the public to go along with the government’s decision.

In any society which allows religious leaders to impose their views on daily life whether they be Muslim or Jewish or Christian, these type of problems arise. Apparently, many Muslim leaders in Indonesia worry about Ahmadinyah followers attempting to convert other Muslims. Certainly, they should have faith in their own followers to follow the faith.