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Madness Of Muslim Activists

People had gathered in their mosque for religious services and were deeply in prayer when a gang of Islamic militants, the Punjabi Taliban, entered two mosques and began spraying bullets through the crowd of men, women and children. They also hurled grenades at members of a Muslim sect known as the Ahmedi. In one section of a mosque, worshippers barricaded themselves into a corner, erected barriers and attempted to peacefully defend themselves since they were in a religious institution and had not realized they should bring weapons into it while engaged in praying. An estimated 70 members of this minority sect of the Muslim religion were killed and over a hundred wounded. The Ahmedi have faced continually discrimination and violence because they do not agree with traditional Muslim orthodox ideas. In the midst of the shooting, three insurgents blew themselves up along with innocent people. Naturally, authorities promised to do something, exactly what, is rather unclear.

I find most disturbing the lack of anger on the part of Muslims in the world to slaughter of innocent Muslims. Of course, if someone drew a cartoon, thousands of Muslims would flock into the streets to express their anger at this insult to their religion. The murder of 70 Muslims results in calm. Is there something wrong about the issues which arouse Muslims in the world?