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Sudan Killing Continues

The confusing brutality of fighting in Sudan continues its maddening path toward death and destruction. Boats were loaded with aid for the suffering people in Sudan only to be attacked by rebel ethnic fighters in which about forty Sudanese soldiers and civilians were killed. A United Nations world food program was sending food and supplies to an area controlled by the Loou Nuer tribe which is a rival of the Jikany Nuer tribe. In the topsy turvey world of the Sudan, one never knows exactly who is killing whom. Ordinarily, the Sudan government and its notorious janjaweed are out murdering and raping with abandon, but there are also rebel tribes and ethnic groups which fight one another.

As always in the Sudan and Darfur the elderly, women, and children are the ones who wind up suffering and dying because of emotional and angry adults whose only goal apparently is maintaining the status quo of death and destruction.