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Applause Not Overwhelming At AIPAC Meeting

When she was a senator from New York, Hillary Clinton was certain to receive thunderous applause appearing at the annual meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, but yesterday it was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who spoke the truth to the assembled members of a group that prefers fantasy to reality. She told the group, “as Israel’s friend, irt is our responsibility to give credit when it is due and tell the truth when it is needed.” She made clear that Israel could no longer continue obstructing the road to peace in the Middle East by building and building in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem. As she noted, new construction in those areas, “undermines mutual trust and endangers proximity talks.”

Hillary Clinton did not receive an enthusiastic reception, but her words are those of someone who loves Israel and wants it to make the difficult, “but necessary choices” that will lead to peace. Sometimes, silence is what is needed rather than stooping down to satisfy the lust for power that some possess.

Peace for Israel is the ONLY option.

Joe Biden Stands Up To Israel Lobby!

Vice presidential candidate Joe Biden bluntly told members of the Israel press the United States will support Israel’s right to make its own decisions and any action by Israel should be one made by its leaders without any influence on the part of the United States. “Israel has a right to defend itself and it doesn’t have to ask just as any other free and independent country.” He vowed the United States will “always standby Israel, without telling Israelis what they can and cannot do.” He made clear his view that the pro-Israel lobby, AIPAC “doesn’t speak for the entire Jewish community” and “it doesn’t speak for the state of Israel, no matter what it insists on any occasion.”

It is about time an American political leader has stood up to AIPAC and made clear they have no right to speak for the “Jewish community” of America since American Jews have differing views on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Biden blasted the incompetence of the Bush administration in dealing with the Middle East. Senator Biden argued against a view that in dealing with Iran the situation was either war or peace. He insisted there was plenty of open ground for negotiation.

Senator Biden displayed his grasp of the Middle East by noting how the Bush administration insisted on withdrawal of Syria from Lebanon without taking into account the need to train a Lebanese army to fill the void which resulted in Hizbullah moving into the role of military power in Lebanon.

One can only wonder if Sarah Pallin has any grasp of what Biden discussed with the Israel press.

Obama Addresses The Jerusalem Issue

Presidential candidate Barack Obama told a meeting of the Jewish group, AIPAC, he believed Jerusalem must not be allowed to become a divided city. However, yesterday, the Illinois senator backed away from those words and indicted they were “badly phrased.” Obama, during a CNN interview, said: “You know the truth is this was an example of where we had some poor phrasing in the speech and we immediately tried to correct the interpretation that was given. The point we were simply making was that we don’t want barbed wire running through Jerusalem… but it is possible for us to create a Jerusalem that is cohesive and coherent. I was not trying to predetermine what are the essentially final-status issues.”

Obama insists he will not disagree with a two side Jerusalem in which both Israel and Palestinians can call the city its capital. Barack Obama will be visiting Israel in the coming weeks and will make certain he speaks not just with Israel leaders but with President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority on July 23.

Obama is correct in stating final decisions concerning the status of Jerusalem are ones that will be made by Israelis and Palestinians, not by candidates for the presidency of the United States. It is time for American political leaders hustling for votes to allow people of the Middle East to decide their own futures.