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Did Biden Give Israel Iranian Bombing Green Light?

It is sometimes difficult knowing whether Vice President Joe Biden is just shooting off his mouth without serious reflection or whether he is expressing the views of the Obama administration. Over the weekend, Joe Biden made outrageous comments that threaten to endanger peace in the Middle East. He told ABC the United States “cannot dictate to another sovereign nation what they can and cannot do. Israel can determine for itself–it’s a sovereign nation– what’s in their interest and what they decide to do relative to Iran and anyone else.” Admiral Mike Mullen, chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, expressed a rather different perspective on the possibility of an Israel bombing of Iran. “I have been, for some time, concerned about any strike on Iran. I worry about i t being very destabilizing.”

It is time for President Obama to have a talk with this loose mouth vice president who actually believes an Israel air strike on Iran has no impact on American policy in the Middle East. Such an attack would result in hundreds of missiles directed at Israel, Iraq and other areas of the Middle East which, most probably, would result in the death of thousands, including American soldiers. If Israel even hints at such action, the United States has no other recourse other than to halt any aid to Israel and withdraw its ambassador to express our concern for any such irresponsible actions.

Yes, Iran is a difficult nation. But, recent events indicate division in the country. Several important clerics have condemned the presidential election. An Israel air strike would unite Iranians behind Ahmadinejad.

Turkey Will Not Allow Israel Fly Over To Iran

There undoubtedly are members of the Israeli armed forces who are making plans for air strikes against Iran in order to destroy that nation’s nuclear capabilities. However, according to a senior analyst in Turkey, if any Israel planes flew over that country the air force would intercept and shoot down the planes. The prospect of Turkey allowing Israel to attack a fellow Muslim nation is simply out of the range of possibility. As the analyst noted: “Even tacit approval of such an operation would go against everything Turkey stands for and would throw the balance of power in the region into chaos.” The Turkish government assumes President Obama will never sanction such an Israeli operation for fear of completely ending any possibility of peace in the region.

A glance at the map reveals that Israel must fly over other nations in order to attack Iran. No Muslim nation will sanction such air flights and Israel lacks aircraft carriers to carry out a raid. The only hope for Israel is to become serious and engage in peace talks with President Abbas. An air attack would transform Israel into the most hated nation in the world.

Did Israel Hit Sudan Convoy?

The government of Sudan charged that Israeli planes struck a convoy carrying arms which was in Sudan and headed to deliver their cargo to Gaza. According to a CBS report, 39 people were killed in the assault which occurred shortly after the invasion of Gaza concluded. “A convoy of vehicles carrying illegal weapons was bombed near the Sudanese-Egyptian border in mid-January,” according to a Sudanese official. Israeli army officials refused to comment. However, Israel newspapers claim there is an international network which has been organized to deliver weapons to Palestinians.

The unanswered question is whether Israel believes it has the right to strike any nation anywhere on grounds it is defending its national interests. Certainly, that is what George Bush claimed as justification for invading Iraq. The danger is at some point attacking other nations will result in a counter bombing which could escalate into wider war.

Hamas Gets Wish–Death And Destruction

Hamas leaders finally have obtained their wish–death and destruction reigned down on Gaza as over a hundred people were killed in Israel air strikes including dozens of security personnel along with dozens of innocent civilians. Hamas has been daring the Israel government for weeks to attack Gaza and threatening to cause havoc on any invasion on the assumption it could damage Israel forces in the same way as did Hizbullah in Lebanon. Unfortunately, for Hamas and the civilian population of Gaza, there are no mountain defenses to offer protection against Israel air attacks. It is estimated about 120 people were killed and more than 250 were wounded as Israel planes demolished dozens of Hamas security compounds across Gaza.

Hamas got what it wanted. Its nonstop rocket attacks provoked an air attack that resulted not only in the death of security personnel, but of innocent civilians. Hamas leaders knew it was impossible for an Israel government on the eve of elections to allow their nation to be subjected to rocket attacks without responding. Hamas promised retaliation in the form of more rocket attacks and suicide bombers. “Hamas will continue resistance until the last drop of blood.” Of course, it is unclear if the last drop of blood means Hamas leaders or Gaza civilians.

This blog supports the Palestinian right to the West Bank and the right of Palestinians to their own nation. We believe the wall separating Israel from Arab areas must be torn down. But, Hamas policies of resorting to rocket attacks have demolished the arguments of Palestinians they seek peace through peaceful means. No nation can allow its civilians to be bombed without doing something. Once again, Hamas has damaged forces of peace in Israel by its blunders and inept policies.

NATO Rethinks Afghanistan Bombing Strategy

In light of recent air attacks which have resulted in the death of dozens of civilians, including numerous women and children, NATO has decided to revise the rules of engagement. General David McKiernan, NATO commander in Afghanistan. is reopening an inquiry into US drone strikes which have been responsible for numerous deaths of civilians. From now on, house searches will be led by Afghan troops and permission from homeowners first should be sought prior to entering homes. The size of bombs being used in Afghanistan will be reviewed. His order is to “sharpen tactical directives, to give more clarity to commanders on the ground.” He wants to re-educate officers about the need to exert greater care in employing deadly force when civilians are present in the area.

An ongoing problem is lack of sufficient troops in Afghanistan because Bush diverted attention from the primary object to the chaotic invasion of Iraq. As always, military rather than economic and political solutions form the basis of NATO and American policy.

Sudan Bombs Darfur Villages-Seeks Economic Aid!

The Sudan government is seeking about $6 billion in aid from the world to help rebuild its devastated nation, particularly Darfur, where 200,000 have died and 2.5 million been displaced. Yesterday, a Sudan Antonov plane hovered over the village of Shegeg Karo for several minutes, surveyed the scene, and then dropped bombs on the market place and on a primary school. At least seven children were killed when bombs hit their primary school classrooms. Villagers said: “the Antonov hovered for a long time and then bombed repeatedly.” At least 30 children were wounded in the attack and the bombing of the marketplace area resulted in six dead and 20 wounded.

The government of Sudan denies any bombing took place although it was confirmed by the UN/African Union peacekeeping mission. One can only assume the Sudan government wants to be compensated by the world for destroying its own nation with these repeated bombings of Darfur. The killing of rape of Darfur continues and what is most sad is the lack of any outcry on the part of Arab nations for the genocidal policies of the government of Sudan. Gaza yes, Darfur no.

Turkish Airplanes Strike At Kurd Rebels In Iraq

Turkish airplanes hit an are in northern Iraq as part of the campaign to wipe out members of the outlawed Kirdish Workers’ Party(PKK). As usual, planes attacked mountainous areas where the terrorists are hiding and according to Turk military sources the area was rendered “ineffective,” whatever that means. Prime Minister Erdogan told an Al Jazeera TV reporter, “our target is terrorism and only terrorism, and the operations were 100% successful.” Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan said his nation’s air attacks in Iraq are not intended to destabilize the Iran government but are made solely with the aim of bringing stability to the region.

The Turkish government is not going to destroy “terrorism” by bombing mountain areas. The solution with Kurds is a political, not a military one. The miilitary history of bombing mountain areas or jungles is one of repeated failure and the Turk attempt to wipe out Kurdish “terrorists” by dropping some bombs is doomed to the same end– total failure.

Turkish Army Continues Air Attacks On Kurds

Turkish war planes for the third time bombed bases of the outlawed Kurdish Workers Party(PKK) with indications such assaults would not cease in the forseeable future. A statement said:”The PKK will see and understand that there is no secure place left in Iraq’s north,and it will understand that it stands no chance against the Turkish republic.” Kurdish sources claim the civilian population go out of villages prior to the Turkish attack and none were killed. Massoud Barzani, who heads the Kurdish community, claimed the air attacks were really designed to crush his government.

The US State Department supported air attacks on Kurdistan on grounds of the “right of pursuit,” a doctrine the Bush administration uses to justify attacking other areas of the world. These air attacks serve as emotional aid to the Turkish government, but are of limited military value. It is difficult to cite a single example in 20th century history in which air assaults on rebel mountainous bases have achieved victory. Efforts of the Turkish government on economic assistance and aiding development of educational facilities in Kurdish areas of its nation are productive ways to defeat the PKK. The best way to defeat insurgents is gaining the confidence and support of the local population. Bombing their villages is the best guarantee they will support the rebels.

US Military Furious At Turkish Air Attacks In Iraq

During the past few days, Turkish air planes have bombed villages and supposed military bases of Kurdish rebels in the mountains of Iraq. Inhabitants of the villages claim there were no Kurdish rebels and those killed and wounded were simply ordinary civilians. Not only villagers are furious at the Turkish attack, but so is the United States military. US commanders were not informed by Turkey there would be air attacks until the planes were already inside Iraq. The United States had made an agreement with Turkey that US intelligence would provide information about the location of Kurdish rebels, but these sources were not consulted in these air strikes. The Iraq government, which supports efforts to curb Kurdish rebels, is also upset at being kept ignorant about attacks on its own territory.

A major concern of US military officials is the importance of coordinating intelligence in order to ensure attacks are made on Kurdish rebels, not innocent civilians. The Turkish military claimed they lacked time to inform their allies in the fight against Kurdish rebels because they were engaged in hot pursuit of the enemy. Continued attacks which wind up killing civilians will only strengthen Kurdish rebels and gain them new recruits. It is difficult being able to cite a single example of how air power has eliminated guerrilla forces on the ground.

Defense Sectretary Gates Wants More Information On Kurd Rebels

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates urged restraint on any military actions such as bombing Kurdish rebels until further information was obtained about where they were located in Kurdistan. Turkish planes and helicopters reportedly attacked Kurdish positions in Iraq yesterday. “Without good intelligence, just sending large numbers of troops across the border (from Turkey) or dropping bombs doesn’t seem to make sense to me.” Chief of Staff Michael Mullen questioned the desirability of US air strikes against Kurdish rebels because they were located in mountainous areas of Kurdistan. A senior defense official indicated growing concern among top level Bush officials regarding failure on the part of the Iraq government to curtail Kurdish rebels attacks on Turkey. Yesterday, Secretary of State Rice told Congress Turkish retaliatory attacks would have a “destabilizing effect” on the situation.

The comments of Rice about attacking across borders to curtail terrorists are ironic, to say the least, coming from a member of the Bush administration. Everything now being said by Rice and Bush applies to their erroneous response to supposed terrorism by Saddam Hussein. Actually, they never had any evidence of such actions by Saddam, but ordered an invasion of Iraq. Where were the voices of restraint in the Bush administration in 2003? Condi Rice was present, did she urge caution on President Bush?