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A Non Event On A Plane-NoTerrorism!

In itself, the incident is minor and no one was injured although a plane load of people in Florida had to return to the airport and wait until police escorted a loud mouth man from the plane. Mansor Muhammad began shouting shortly after the plane took off that “I want to kill the Jews.” He was loud, disruptive, and filled with anger of someone who believes himself oppressed. Together with three friends, Mr. Muhammad was taken away by police for questioning. While at the police station, his cell phone rang, but the police did not answer the call.

Another unimportant event in the story of terrorism, or is it? Actually, Mr. Muhammad did nothing other than shout and make a fool of himself. But, he is symbolic of those who seek to blame an entire group for the actions of some. He wants to kill “the Jews.” Exactly who or what is “the Jews?” The assumption of his remark is that one can classify Jews into a group that is known as “the Jews.” Mr. Muhammad there are Jews and there are Jews. Actually, some of the group protesting in Gaza were Jews. Do they fit into your classification of “the Jews?”