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Madness Of Living In Bushmania!

It was just a normal flight from Washington D.C. to Florida and two brothers were chatting as they waited for the plane to depart. According to Kashif Irfan, his brother noted their window was right next to the jet plane engine, a remark made by millions of people who have ever traveled on an airplane, but, in this case, the person making the remark had a swarthy complexion and he was Muslim. Another passenger overheard the remark, told his fellow passengers about the danger they were facing and the group demanded the removal of all nine Muslim passengers on the flight. AirTran staff decided where there was smoke, there must be fire and ordered all nine Muslims off the plane. AirTran then refused to rebook the nine who had to find another airline that would allow them on their plane. For safety stake, AirTran did have all passengers go through another screening.

One wonders if someone with a black skin made the remark would it then require removing all African American passengers? Or, what is someone wearing a Yamulka made the remark, would all passengers be checked to see if they were Jewish and then removed? Hopefully, the nine Americans will sue the idiots at AirTran and make them pay through the nose for bigotry and bias.

Only in Bush America do we have such scenes.