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Sarkozy Says NUclear Weapon Iran Is Unacceptable!

President Nicholas Sarkozy addressing the American Jewish Congress reiterated his stand against allowing Iran to possess an atomic bomb, but he also indicated “I believe that Arab countries including Iran have a right to civilian nuclear power.” The French president denounced anti-Semitism in France and emphasized that the existence of Israel as a Jewish state is “non-negotiable.” Sarkozy said Muslims in France enjoy complete religious freedom and hoped that Muslim nations would reciprocate by providing such protection to those who are not of the Muslim faith. Meanwhile, Premier Prodi visiting in Saudi Arabia warned against taking military action against Iran arguing, “in addition to not solving the problem, it would open new destablizing scenarios in the whole region.”

IN his desire to ingratiate himself with the American Jewish community, President Sarkozy made a blunder when he said Israel was a Jewish state. About 15% of the Israeli population is Muslim and they even elect representatives to parliament.

John McCain: I Want A Christian President, I Think, Maybe?

Controversy continues over Senator John McCain’s comment last week that since America was founded on “Christian principles…I prefer someone who I know who has a solid grounding in my faith.” The American Jewish Congress blasted the senator by commenting, “to argue that America is a Christian nation, or that persons of a particular faith not seek high offices, puts the very character of our nation at stake.” Of course, McCain’s defenders like Senator Joe Lieberman, an Orthodox Jew, claimed McCain does not have a “bigoted bone in his body.” Although, McCain has not completely rejected what he previously stated, he now thinks qualified people should run for the presidency.

Joe Lieberman is probably right that McCain doesn’t have a bigoted bone in his body, but it’s his mind, not his body that is speaking. John McCain wants to be president and he will say or do anything in order to attain that goal. He has spent the past two years pandering to every nut case on the religious right in his quest for votes. He has groveled before people he denounced a few years back for their bigotry, but now discovers they are wonderful Americans. Americans accept that any politician says things for votes, but McCain’s remarks go beyond the pale of decency and honor.