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Wanted–Suicide Bombers Who Seek Heaven!

The situation is becoming desperate in Iraq these days, it is difficult to even find a nice, non-shaven foreign born man who is willing to put on a vest loaded with explosives and blow himself up in order to serve the dictates of his religion and get himself a nice final resting place up in Heaven– or wherever one goes who kills self and others. According to Iraq Foreign Minister Hoshyr Zebari, “the shortage of suicide bombers is because Islamic fundamentalists are more interested in Afghanistan and Pakistan these days.” They figure the Americans will soon be gone, and they have used up the supply of foreigners who enjoy killing themselves so what is one to do about the situation? We wish to offer a solution to the Iraq al-Qaeda which should simplify there quest for suicide bombers. Get a cartoonist, have him draw cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in some sort of unusual situation, and print them in Iraq. That is certain to arouse the anger of young men and among them one can find a new source of suicide bombers. Or, get some women to walk through the streets holding hands with a strange man, that in itself, should bring in at least twenty suicide bombers.

Of course, as a last resort, al-Qaeda, Iraq, can hold contests or bake sales to raise money or whatever, in order to get new suicide bombers. How about the slogan:”buy a cupcake to help purchase vests for young men they can use to blow themselves up.”

It is time for al-Qaeda, Iraq, to think outside the box and employ creative thinking to get new suicide bombers.

Iraq Terror Attacks-Silence Of Muslim World?

A Danish cartoonist publishes a sketch of the Prophet Mohammed and thousands of Muslims pour into the streets demanding action and death to the infidel who dared to desecrate their religion. An individual tells a joke which is aimed at Muslims and protests mount. Wherever, those not of the Muslim faith act contrary to decency, masses of Muslim citizens will express their anger openly. However, if Iranian police beat innocent students, there is silence from the Muslim world. If Al-Qaeda blasts dozens of people to death and wounds hundreds the sound of silence is quite apparent from Muslim leaders. Why does a cartoon which does not harm anyone regarded as more threatening than the death of hundreds of Muslims at the hands of other Muslims?

We await imams marching in the streets of Baghdad in protest to the slaughter of the innocent. We await a Muslim Martin Luther King who will place his body at risk in order to confront hatred. Where are Muslim clerics at this hour when fellow Muslims are being killed?

The Killing Fields In Iraq

Humans have a propensity to kill those who are known even more than those who are strangers. The history of religious strife in Europe or Asia is replete with tales of people who lived with one another for years only to awaken one day with a desire to kill neighbors. The Sunni-Shiite divide in Iraq has plagued the nation for hundreds of years and during the past seven it has never disappeared in the struggle to wipe out al-Qaeda. A few days ago, some Shiite gunmen worked their way systematically through the homes of Sunni members of the Awakening Council movement which supported the American armed forces. The attack on Hawr Rajab was a message from Shiites and Al-Qaeda that any attempt by Sunnis to seek power in the new Iraq might result in death.

The Iraq government has failed to reach out to Sunni leaders, other than arresting many, and the result is fear among the Sunni population as to what awaits them when American forces depart and they are at the mercy of Shiite leaders. Will the world witness a new Iraq war in which al-Qaeda and Shiites focus on killing Sunnis?

No Torture–Terrorists Caught?

According to fox News haters of democracy, the only way to save the city or to save the nation from the bomb ticking in a subway is to torture someone into revealing the place of explosion so the 24 crew can rush to the scene and prevent mayhem. However, in real life, solid police work has prevented a group committed to al-Qaeda from pursuing a plan to assassinate a Swedish cartoonist who committed the horrible sin of portraying the Prophet Mohammed with the body of a dog. Of course, Muslim newspapers an publications constantly portray Jews in despicable ways, but, then again, if you portray non-Muslims in a grotesque fashion, you are simply carrying out the mandate of God.

The bottom line is the seven Muslims were captured without resorting to torture or any form of physical abuse. It simply required good old fashioned police work, cooperation from security agencies throughout the world and a dose of common sense.

There Is The Koran And There Is The Koran

Al Qaeda leaders are among the fiercest defenders of the Koran and insist that women adhere to the tenets of the document, but when it comes to financing their terror attacks, the Koran takes second place to the need for good old fashioned money. Al-Qaeda agents recently told Columbian drug lords they would protect drug shipments through the Sahara Desert for a nice fee of 2200 per kilo. Actually the Columbian drug lords they negotiated terms for shipment were not from Columbia, but New York and undercover agents. In early days of al-Qaeda andf the Taliban they opposed drug trades and presented themselves as the example of virtue, but times have changed and when money is involved, invariably times change for the dollar.

As the war against al-Qaeda increases in seeking to uncover portals of money being sent to terrorist organizations, these groups have responded by going wherever they can find the money, sharia or no sharia, Koran or no Koran. Welcome to the world of religious fanatics who place money before anything else.

Security Promises Of Xmas

Eight long years ago, then President George Bush and the dynamic duo of Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld promised the American people they would capture Osama bin Laden, “Dead or Alive.” Of course, within a few weeks after making the bold claim, they abandoned the search for the elusive Osama and turned their attention to Iraq in order to search for non-existent WMD. Fast forward to December, 2009 and President Barack Obama is promising to capture anyone connected with the failed attempt to blow up an airline in Detroit. He promised “to dismantle and defeat the violent extremists who threaten us, whether they are from Afghanistan or Pakistan, Yemen or Somalia.”

Yes, we want to capture or kill terrorists, particularly those who take explosives on a plane. Of course, the question raised by Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano is somewhat awkard, “how did he get an explosive substance on to the plane?” Reality is one focuses on small details rather than focusing on general speeches that sound tough, but can never be accomplished. There will always be sick terrorists and some will escape because, such is life. Deal with the immediate by developing an effective process of searching people boarding a plane. Enough with the threats.

Gordon Brown Vows No Appeasement Of Taliban

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown vowed the West will never appease the Taliban and assured the people of his nation the tide was turning and the Taliban were on the run. His speech comes at a time when latest figures indicate that over 1,000 UK soldiers were flown home this year either due to being wounded in action, becoming sick or dying. Brown believes that al-Qaeda would return to Afghanistan if the Taliban regain power so there can not be anything other than the complete defeat of the Taliban. In his speech, the prime minister noted that since 2001 nearly 200 people have been convicted of terrorist or terrorist related offences in the United Kingdom. Brown is convinced more has been done this year to destroy al–Qaeda than at any other time.

According to Gordon Brown, al-Qaeda is “the biggest source of threat to our national security.” Assume, he is correct. Can security in the UK be handled by local authorities or must there be the presence of British troops in Afghanistan to ensure that terrorism is ended at home? Sorry, the prime minister has rhetoric but little evidence to support his arguments.


There is a war in process within Yemen that already has spilled over into Saudi Arabia and poses a great threat to peace in the area. A war within Yemen poses Shiites fighting against the Sunni Yemen government and its allies in Saudi Arabia. Rebels claim they are fighting against a government that has marginalized Shiites and has failed to develop the nation’s resources. Yemen’s army presently is engaged in extensive fighting with the rebels and there are reports al-Qaeda may soon become part of the mess that is Yemen. Across the Gulf of Aden lies Ethiopia and a short distance away in Somalia where there is also an intense civil war. Americans fail to realize the Yemen war can spill over into Saudi Arabia and some day witness bombers blowing themselves up as they damage oil facilities.

The mess now includes possible Iran influence by supplying rebels with arms, a fight between the Yemen government and rebels, a fight between rebels and Saudi Arabia, an attempt by rebels to destroy their nation’s tourist industry by kidnapping foreigners, and the list goes on and on.

Who knows, perhaps in 2015, American soldiers will be fighting in the hills of Yemen. A problem is no one will have the slightest idea why US forces are in Yemen anymore than anyone has any idea what the US presently seeks to accomplish in Afghanistan.

Good-Bad News?–Al-Qaeda Threatens China!

The Chinese Communist government tends to look away whenever discussions arise over dealing with brutal regimes such as in Sudan or Myanmar as though the threat of violence is none of their business since they will not be its target. However, a prominent al-Qaeda militant warned there would be retaliation against China for its anti-Muslim actions in the Xinjiang province. Abu Yahya al-Lib i urged Muslims to make preparations for a “holy war” against the Chinese government. In Algeria, the Al-Qaida organization threatened reprisals against Chinese workers in that nation.

No one supports the killing of innocent people. We merely reflect it is time the Chinese government began taking a stand against terrorist groups since, in the end, they will be attacking China.

Is Al-Qaeda Changing Tactics?

A high al-Qaeda official asked the Taliban to kidnap foreign civilians in Afghanistan in order to force American and NATO forces to negotiate exchanges. Leah Farrel who works for the Australian police came across documents on the Internet including, “The US Soldier in Afghanistan-the first step for the release of all prisoners of war on terror.” Al-Aqeda adviser, Mustafa Hamid, who who is connected to the document does not wish hostages to be killed since the object is exchange of prisoners. In fact, he also urges using the dead bodies of American soldiers and pretending they are still alive in order to further the prisoner exchange program.

However, according to Australia’s Ambassador for Counter-Terrorism, Bill Patterson, there is evidence of a growing rift between the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Many members of the Taliban regard al-Qaeda forces as composed of foreigners and do no wish to work with them.