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Al-Qaeda Blames Obama For Gaza-What’s New?

Ayman al-Zawwahiri, the number two man in al-Qaeda blasted president elect Barack Obama for causing the current crisis in Gaza. He described Israel’s actions in Gaza as a “crusade against Islam and Muslims” and termed it “Obama’s gift to Israel.” He denounced Obama for pretending to offer new ideas concerning the Middle East when all he desires is to kill “yur brothers and sisters in Gaza mercilessly and without affection.” The al-Qaeda leader also made clear his organization regards President Mubarak as a traitor who cooperates with Israel and American policy in the Middle East. “At a time when Israeli planes drop bombs,” Mubarak closes the border to prevent Palestinians from escaping the attacks.

There is nothing surprising in Zawahiri’s comments which is based on the assumption that all problems in the Middle East stem from actions of the United States and Israel. There was no awareness of the fact Hamas placed weapons in areas in which there were women and children. Al-Qaeda is the problem and has nothing constructive to offer for any solutions. Barack Obama is not the president and has now power to do anything than to observe.

US Drones Drone On Bombing And Bombing

American drone planes continued their bombing inside Pakistan in the never ending search to find al-Qaeda leaders who can be killed. The latest drone attack killed twelve people, five of whom were identified as “foreigners” which usually means members of al-Qaeda. The drones are trying to kill Baitullah Mehsud, leader of the Pakistan Taliban. The assumption is killing him will somehow end fighting in tribal regions, an assumption that has no validity in past history or experience. American military insists they are killing the “leaders” of the Taliban and al-Qaeda, but the situation remains unsettled and Afghanistan is sliding into chaos. In the meantime, the Pakistan government is furious at having its sovereignty violated by “allies.”

The Bush victory over al-Qaeda strategy is predicated on the belief killing top leaders of that organization will result in its collapse. It’s an interesting theory even though there is no evidence it will work.

US Iraq Forces Quietly Leaving Cities

Two years ago, walking the streets of Baghdad was a dangerous expedition into the teeth of violence, but today, most inhabitants of the capital stroll without fear due to the decline in violence. The American military is slowly abandoning its presence in urban areas as Iraqi military steps up to assume responsibility for maintaining law and order. The goal is transforming control of Iraq cities to that nation’s military no later than June, 2009. President elect Obama has made clear he wants the focus to shift from Iraq to Afghanistan where he situation continues its slide into chaos.

The unknown aspect of the shift is what will happen when American forces no longer are in the major cities. Will it lead to renewed fighting between Sunni and Shiite factions? Will it encourage al-Qaeda to return to its violence? The success of withdrawing American forces lies in the ability of the Shiite Iraq government to cooperate with its Sunni citizens. There is still a question mark if Shiites and Sunni can cooperate.

Al-Qaeda’s War On Children

In a recent article appearing in the Saudi Gazette, a student in a class which educates Saudis who have become involved in terrorist activities to reconsider their actions in light of Muslim teaching, a young man described going to Iraq and discovering he was being asked to kill fellow Muslims by being a suicide bomber. Yesterday, Iraq suffered a horrible sequence of suicide bombers who indiscriminately blew themselves up causing the death of dozens and wounding of even more. In the town of Baquoba at least 35 died while in Baghdad another 31 were killed along with numerous who were wounded. In a separate attack, a 13 year old girl blew herself up killing four people. It increasingly becomes evident al-Qaeda is recruiting teenagers who are less able to resist persuasive arguments and thus more prone to blow themselves up in some disconnected idea about truth and peace.

The people who died were all Muslims and all civilians who had never done anything to stop terrorism and their punishment was death by explosion. Is this the best way Muslim fighters for their ideals can function? Is the killing of young girls somehow linked to the Muslim religon? There is sadness in sending children to their deaths in the name of some cause that adults seek.

Who Caused Deaths In Somalia?

Somalia is to Africa what Afghanistan has become to Asia, a center of turmoil, destruction, bombings, and murder of innocent people. North Somali authorities arrested a local sheikh who is suspected of being behind this week’s rash of bombings that rocked the nation and killed dozens. The United States believes al-Qaeda was behind the bombings while most Somali authorities blame local Islamic militants. Medical staff at a hospital blamed recent killings on Somali and Ethiopian soldiers. The horror of the entire death and destruction is the lack of any group or nation which can find a way out of the madness that has become Somalia.

The UN is trying to broker some sort of peace but there is no indication local Somalian Islamic groups have any interest in accepting peace. It is estimated over 10,000 people have been killed since the first of the year and there is not doubt another 10,000 will die next year.

Syria Blasts US Air Attacks

The Turkish government has been attempting to bring together Syria and Israel las part of the process to achieve peace between the nations. One would assume, given the difficulty in trying to end the Israel-Syrian conflict, the Bush administration would act cautiously in the area in order to facilitate peace, not hamper it. But, George Bush knows only one strategy, attack, baby, attack. US special forces targeted al-Qaeda fighters who were moving through Syria on their way to Iraq and launched helicopter attacks in the area. As an official openly stated: “we war taking matters into our own hands” in destroying the militants who were in Syria.

A Syrian government statement said helicopters attacked the Sukkariyeh Farm near the town of Abu Kamal which was inside the border of Syria which resulted in the death of civilians working on some buildings. The Foreign Ministry termed the air strike, a “serious aggression” on the nation of Syria. It called on the Iraqi government to conduct an investigation into this act of aggression against Syria.

Fear Al-Qaeda Opening Branch In Lebanon

The Bush invasion of Iraq not only created chaos in Iraq, but it made al-Qaeda a powerful force in the Middle East. John McCain continues his idiotic comments concerning bringing “democracy to Iraq” and is oblivious of the impact of the invasion upon the stability of the entire Middle East. Lebanese security forces just cracked a terrorist cell that is now operating in its country and has been established by al-Qaeda. The al-Qaeda group already has launched attacks on the Lebanese army. Ahmed Moussali, of the American University in Beirut, commented: “what we are witnessing is the tip of an iceberg” and Lebanon can expect an increase in terrorism carried out by either al-Qaeda or its allies.

Moussali emphasized the terrorist groups “are against everything and everybody. Their agenda is ultimately to install a utopian Islamic system, but now they are at a stage of deconstruction.” Mainstream Islamic groups deny they are aiding the spread of such groups, but, undoubtedly they are not aggressively fighting them. Lebanon Intelligence believes the Palestinian refugee camps are a hotbed for their recruitment.

Saudi Arabia Mediates Afghanistan-Taliban Conflict

Saudi Arabia has done more to spread Islamic militancy than any other force in Asia, but apparently its rulers have finally recognized that establishing religious schools in which children are taught to hate the West and other religions in the end creates chaos. Saudi Arabian leaders have finally grasped they must do something to halt the slide into disaster which has resulted in the Taliban making it impossible for the Afghanistan government to function. Afghanistan and Taliban leaders met last m onth during Ramadan in Mecca and entered into discussions with the assistance of Saudi mediators.

A diplomat who was privy to the discussions said, “they(Saudi) want to help because Pakistan is frightening. They fear what could happen in Pakistan. This(mediation) is to stabilize Pakistan.” The goal is to entice the Taliban away from hardliner elements wedded to the alliance with al-Qaeda whose ideology backs suicide bombings in a war against the West. Saudi Arabia helped create the monster that was al-Qaeda and now it must destroy its own creation.

Iraqi Sunni Leader Arrests Raise New Fears Of Violence

The Iraqi government is in danger of igniting new Sunni violence if it continues its policy of refusing to acknowledge the work of Sunnis who cooperated with Americans in fighting al-Qaeda. Many tribal leaders who were part of the Awakening Council(al Sahwa) movement switched sides on the basis of promises they would be provided assistance, and eventually government positions. But, in Diyala province as well as in the Baghdad area, Iraqi police and the army have arrested dozens of al-Sahwa leaders on grounds they previously supported al-Qaeda. Talriq al-Hashimi, who heads the Iraqi Islamist party, “the government is very hesitant, and I’m afraid if those groups and individuals are frustrated they might change their minds and instead of fighting al-Qaida and terrorism they will be back to offering them a safe haven, as they did in the past.” His concerns were echoed by Sheikh Musafa Kamil Hamed, leader of the powerful Jibouri tribe whose 3,500 men took an active role in fighting militants.

There are many such tribes and groups who still retain the arms given them by the Americans to fight terrorism and it would not be out of the realm of possibility for them to return to their former views. The harvest of spring can become the winter of discontent unless the Shiite government respects the rights of Sunnis.

Al-Qaeda Blasts Iran-Listening Bush?

George Bush and John McCain have sold the American public the myth of al-Qaeda and Iran as close friends and united in the fight by militants to destroy democracy. Most Americans accept the Bush-McCain portrayal of this alliance even though every expert on terrorism knows it is completely false. Al-Qaeda has just issued a video in which Ayman al-Zawahri accuses Iran of taking part in a Western “Crusader” was against Islam. The video attacks Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, questioning his supposed anti-Western stance. “The (leader or Iran) collaborates with the Americans in occupying Iraq and Afghanistan and recognizes the puppet regimes in both countries while he warns of death and destruction to anyone who touches an inch of Iranian soil.”

The Bush- McCain view of terrorism is obviously incorrect in its claim of an alliance between al-Qaeda and Iran or how else to explain the condemnation of Iran’s religious leaders for failure to issue a fatwa obligating a jihad against America! The tragedy of the Democratic party is its inability to convey to the American people the reality of who is fighting who in the war on terrorism. This failure has allowed Republicans to lie and distort reality.