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Somalis Protest Against US Air Strikes

Last week, an American air strike supposedly killed a prominent head of al-Qaida in Somalia, but in the course of killing one man, the bombs also killed 24 other people including men, women, and children. About a thousand Somalis took to the streets of the town that was raided to protest against these deaths. Most in the crowd were women and children who held aloft signs saying: “Down with the Bush administration.” Abdl-risaq Moalim, head of education in the city, said three students were killd and four were seriously wounded. “Our town has been severely affected by the recent U.S. attack, and still we fear becausse planes continue to fly over our city.”

Thirteen year-old Nu Ahmed Nur commented: “The U.S. stike killed my brother, my sister and also wounded my grandmother. We are refugees who fled from Mogadishu. When did we become a terrorist target?”

The Ethiopian invasion of Somalia was brought about due to pressure from the Bush administration who feared the growth of al-Qaida in Somalia. In the process of invading a Muslim nation, the only result is exactly what happened in Iraq- al-Qaida has grown in power and the forces of militancy have become stronger.

Members of the United States Congress should be asking questions about the use of American naval and air power in fighting Somali militants. Did Congess authorize the use of force in Somalia? Did Congress know President Bush was behind the invasion by Christian Ethiopian forces of a Muslim nation?