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Seek Work? Check Your Al-Qaeda Recruiter

Osama bin Laden these days is encountering the same problems as faced by numerous business executives — how can one obtain trusted, dedicated employees? Several anti-terror experts told the British newspaper, the Guardian there is an increasing shortage of fighters for al-Qaeda. Lethal strikes by CIA drones combined with monitoring and disruption of electronic communications has impacted the morale of Al-Qaeda fighters in Pakistan. They are increasingly confronting Pakistan military attacks which have resulted in the death of hundreds of militants.

Mustafa Alani, a terrorism expert, argues “al-Qaida has become a liability for the Taliban” and there is a possibility they might seek to get rid of him by revealing his hiding place to Pakistan or American sources. Another factor is emergence of Muslim clerics who argue that terrorism violates the fundamental principles of their religion.

If you are among the downsized, perhaps you might welcome a vacation in the mountains of Pakistan or Afghanistan where the fellowship of some bearded men will provide opportunities to play with guns and bombs. Who knows, perhaps, members of the NRA will finally get a chance to shoot at the “Jack booted American police!”

Flash! — Afghanistan Not Iraq! -No Kidding!

For the past year people like Senator John McCain have been repeating the mantra that a surge is needed in Afghanistan to replicate the “success” of Iraq. Of course, suicide bombers continue blowing themselves up and the situation is far from a “success” but it is so easy to urge just repeating in Afghanistan what happened in Iraq. Admiral Eric Olson, who commands the US Special Operational Command, warned Congress the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan was not a pleasant one although he was encouraged by priorities established by President Obama. “Al-Qaida’s surviving leaders have proven adept at hiding, communicating and inspiring” he told Congress. They operate in remote areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan which makes for difficulty to dealing with insurgents who readily disappear into mountains.

Olson is arguing the first necessity is securing urban areas and the roads leading into them so that supplies and support can readily reach the population. He believes Afghan forces have to take the initiative while US soldiers provide support services to them. The unanswered question is whether Afghan troops will actively become engaged in fighting.

When US Soldiers Depart, What Happens?

As the date draws closer for the departure of American soldiers in Iraq, there are many unresolved problems such as will Iraqi troops be sufficient to handle the ensuing issues of law and order. Mosul, the nation’s third largest city and still a strong supporter of al-Qaida is watching with anxiety what will occur once the last US troops are gone. “If you don’t have the Americans this is not going to be good,” said captain, Ahmed, “I cannot take care of it” and he refused to give his last name out of fear of retaliation. American military leaders fear the capacity of al-Qaida to renew violence once the Americans leave.

A problem still impacting Iraq is that al-Qaida still have some strongholds and most probably its soldiers are lying low waiting for the Iraq government to be in full charge. The unanswered question is whether President Obama will decide to maintain thousands more US troops even though they are expected to leave by the end of 2011. In a nutshell, when, if ever, will it be safe to just pack up and leave. Does anyone know?

Yemen Frees al-Qaida Suspects

There is always a thin line between seeking to be careful as to which suspected al-Qaida followers are put in jail and trusting them to embark on a new road of peace. The Yemen government has decided to rely on the word of honor of 170 al-Qaida suspects as well as pledges from local tribal chieftains that the men will behave themselves and cease working with terrorist organizations. The announcement came weeks after al-Qaida openly said its goal was to establish a base in Yemen which is open to such endeavors due to a weak armed force and terrain that favors guerrilla activities. The Yemen strategy is to enlist local authorities to control young men who are bent on terror to end such behavior.

For those of us not part of Yemen society, we can only wonder if such an approach will work. There is considerable merit in attempting to enlist local chieftains in the effort to reform terrorists. Frankly, this approach makes as much sense as the American belief that torturing men will turn them against supporting terrorism.

Syria Threatens Retaliation Against USA

The Syrian government reacted with fury to the American attack inside its borders which resulted in the death of several people. American military sources insist the raid was necessary in order to kill key leaders of militants who were behind the movement of al-Qaida forces through Syria. Damascus denounced the act as “criminal and terrorist aggression” and warned there would be retaliation against the Americans. The first step to implement Syrian threats was closing of an American cultural center and the American school in the capital. The American military refuses to back down from its claims they killed important al-Qaida leaders, but Syria insists civilians were killed in the raid including several children.

The daylight raid made impossible any denial on the part of Americans they could not see who they were blasting. Syria, in particular, was furious the raid came from Iraq territory and it will be interesting to see how the Iraq government responds to Syrian charges concerning utilization of its territory for staging of attacks on Syria.

Egypt and China joined in Syrian anger at the attack. Lost in discussion of this even is the fact that Turkey has been trying for months to organize an Israel-Syrian peace accord How does this attack fit into any long term goals of America?

Suicide Knows No Gender Claim Muslim Women

Muslim extremist women are challenging al-Qaida’s refusal to include or at least acknowledge women have played in the suicide bombing program. In a response to a female questioner, Ayman Al-Zawahri said in April the only role for women is caring for homes and children of al-Qaida fighters. There is some confusion about his comment since women have been involved in several suicide bombing efforts in Iraq. A woman, using the name Rabeebat Al-Silah,(Companion of Weapons)commented on the Internet that after listening to his comments “my heart was about to explode in my chest. I am powerless.” Her views apparently reflects those of Muslim women who feel a strong commitment to fight with al-Qaida and welcome the chance to die in the service of something higher than their own lives.

A woman, Umm Farouq or mother of Farouq wrote on the Internet; ” I use my pen and wrods, my honest emotions, Jihad is not exclusive to men.” There is no way to know what percent of Muslim women share these views which welcome death in the cause of al-Qaida. Throughout history there have always been men and women ready to die in a noble cause. Perhaps, some of these women ignore the other noble cause — creating free and vibrant Muslim societies in which people of all faiths work together in peace and harmony.

Al Qaida Bastion In Mosul Braces For War

Mosul resembles a dead city as American and Iraq troops begin their attack which is designed to crush the last remaining al-Qaida forces in the city. Patrick Cockburn, writng for The Independent, says soldiers are shooting at any civilian vehicle. Two men, a woman and a child in one car which failed to stop were shot dead yesterday by US troops who issued a statement saying the men were armed and one made “threatening movements.” The British correspondent reached Mosul in a convoy of armed soldiers who were escoting Khaso Goran, the deputy governor of the area.

Supposedly al-Qaeda is nearly defeated but no one moves around the city without being in an armored car or with military and police in close proximity. Goran, says last September ninety people were killed in Mosul, in March of this year 213 died. The real question is not whether al-Qaida in Mosul can be pushed out of the town, but are al-Qaida forces lying low and biding their time or are they really defeated? No one knows the answer to that question which can not adequately be answered until months have passed.

Afghan Officials Involved In Karzai Assassination Plot

Nearly seven years have passed since the American invasion of Afghanistan supposedly ended the rule of the Taliban, but recent events reveal the war that was over is stiill thriving in the chaotic condtions of the Karzai government. Authorities have arrested two government officials who had linke to the assassination plot which nearly killed President Karzai. His government insists the plot was masterminded in neighboring Pakistan. “Al-Qaida was involved in the attack. That is very clear from us,” said Amrullah Saleh, head of Intelligence. Defense Minister Abdul Wardak said government employees provided weapons for the attackers.

On one hand, Pakistan Intelligence is undoubtedly behind the formation of the Taliban in the 1990s, on the other hand, it is an ally of the Afghanistan government. Lost in confusion of the attack is the reality that failure to pursue an aggressive policy of destroying al-Qaida and the Taliban by the Bush administration has now resulted in those organizations gaining power and becoming able to destabilize the government. The main problem today is lack of a coherent long term economic, social, political, and militry program that would crush the power of al-Aqida and the Taliban.

US Planes Kill Al-Qaida Leader In Somalia

American war planes killed an Islamist leader who supposedly was a key al-Qaida opereative in Somalia. Rebels said Aden Hashi Ayro, who led al Shabaab militants in their attacks on Ethiopian and government forces, was killed by the air attack which also resulted in the deaths of innocent civilians. “Infidel planes bombed Dusmareb. Two of our important people, including Ayro were killed” according to miitant sources. The American air attack in Somalia is part of the Bush initiated war in which Christian Ethiopian troops invaded the Muslim nation to drive from power its Islamic leaders. A jihad is now in operation and the death of one or two or several leaders is not going to end fighting. Bush continues operating on the false assumption that killing the “head” will cause the entire operation to collapse. This has never happened in the Middle East where for each leader killed, two or three others stepped up to leadership roles. Israel has been killing leaders for years and fighting continues.

Another question which should be raised in Congress is was authorization ever given for an American military operation in Somalia? Under which provision of presidential powers did Bush get the right to initiate a war in Somalia by encouraging Ethiopians to invade a nation and provide invading forces with US air and naval support? The United States is now responsible for the displacement of over 500,000 people and creation of a horrible food crisis in Somalia. Chaos reigns. Can the American public assume the president will soon be landing on a ship off the coast of Somalia and boasting, “Mission Accomplished?”

It’s Us Says Al-Qaida, Not Them Jews!

Osama bin Laden’s chief deputy denied with anger the theory that somehow Israel was behind the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. Ayman al-Zawahri accused Shiite Hezbullah and Iran of spreading such false allegations in order to denigrate the work of al-Qaida. “The purpose of this lie is clear(to suggest) that there are no heroes among the Sunnis who can hurt America as no one else did in history. Iranian media snapped up this lie and repeated it.” The Al-Qaida leader turned the tables on Iran by charging it provided aid and assistance to Americans when they invaded Afghanistan. “Iran’s aim here is also clear — to cover up its involvement with America in invading the homes of Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq”

Al-Qaida has previously boasted of its accomplishment in carrying out the 9/11 attacks on targets in America, but apparently is becoming furious at the spread by conspiracy theorists of the notorious lie that somehow Mossad carried out the bombings. Osama bin Laden intends to remain king of the fight against the “crusaders” and simply wants his rightful place in history as the murderer of innocent people. Can anyone deny him that notoriety?

What will anti-semites do about his comments given they have been peddlig for years the crazy stories about Mossad and Israel being behind the 9/11 attacks?