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Is There A Palin In Your Future?

The departure of Sarah Palin from the leadership of Alaska is undoubtedly a good thing for people of that state, but it is still unclear how that impacts the remainder of this country. The mouth that never met an idiotic idea she would not embrace is now free to roam the TV and air waves of the United States speaking nonsense in her inimitable style of winks and sighs and incoherence. She leaves Alaska with several ethic issues still to be resolved as well as a mountain of debts, but Ms. Palin wants the world to know she will not cease speaking for good things like ending sex education or denying aid to those seeking abortions. The good news is Palin pledged that she would campaign for those “who believe the right things regardless of their party label or affiliation,” but the bad news is that she will campaign for those “who believe the right things regardless of their party label or affiliation.”

Among the amazing aspects of the American political scene is emergence and disappearance of “shining lights” such as Palin. They appear in a moment, utter words that attract a portion of the population, gain adoring followers, and along comes a failed love affair or incoherent words revealing their intellectual low IQ and then off to the book publisher, the tour, and several stints on FOX News. We cam expect in 2012 Sarah Palin performing on CNN expert panels while the hubby is off moose hunting.

Palin And Politics Of Spousal Abuse Of Power

Once upon a time not so long ago, Republican leaders of Congress were furious about the wife of President Clinton who they claimed had no right to get involved in the political life of the nation. They complained she intruded into political affairs and acted as though she was a member of the government. Today, those same Republican leaders are rushing to the defense of Todd Palin who a bipartisan panel concluded had extraordinary access to the governor’s office and berated and criticized government officials. Republicans continually insist the “liberal media” is unfair and picks on Sarah Palin, but the performance of FOX News and other conservative media sources has been solidly in support of the vice presidential candidate and her spouse.

Sarah Palin is a loose cannon and the Alaska legislative report merely confirms what is becoming evident each day that Palin opens her mouth. She has absolutely no grasp of the United States Constitution nor does she have the faintest idea how to behave in a leadership role. The major defense of her performance on the issue of trying to get a state trooper fired is the report was “partisan” and somehow Barack Obama is behind the investigation. Of course, the panel was composed of both Republicans and Democrats and it began months before Palin’s selection for the vice presidential role in the campaign.

The report told America what is quite clear, Sarah Palin has no understanding of how to conduct oneself in an ethical manner. You can wink on that one.

“General” Palin Has National Guard Problems

Sarah Palin has repeatedly boasted of her leadership of the Alaska National Guard as evidence of her ability to command and lead. Unfortunately, latest reports indicate the National Guard that she leads has so many personnel shortages that its aviation unit has become among the most unreliable in the nation. Six months ago, General Craig Campbell warned in an internal memo that due to personnel issues “missions are at risk” and the lack of qualified airmen has reached “the crisis level.” The situation has somewhat improved, but General Campbell fears there will be “burnout” of those serving due to extraordinary demands on their time. Governor Palin has insisted she handles great responsibilities in heading the vast Alaska Nation Guard which consists of 3,800 troops.

Actually, General Campbell blamed the low level of personnel a result of “leadership issues” and urged a more aggressive recruiting and retention program. Governor Palin is correct in one respect in her boasting about the Alaska National Guard. The fact it only has 84% of its assigned positions gives it the lowest rating in the nation.

Perhaps, if Sarah Palin was not out shooting moose or going to hockey matches she might devote some time ensuring the Alaska National Guard attained levels of proficiency necessary to be an effective unit.