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Al-Qadea In Algeria Launches Bombing Attacks

A devastating bomb attack east of Algiers killed 43 people including young members of a Police Academy and wounded dozens. Algeria has increasingly witnessed escalation in the scale of al-Qaeda violence in the nation since announcement of a new al-Qaeda presence in the country. In recent months the mountainous region east of Algiers has seen numerous attacks by the North African wing of the terrorist organization which seeks to establish a fundamentalist Islamic government. A few days ago, a suicide car bombing killed six civilians in Zemmouri. Algerian army sources believe the bombings were in retaliation for an Army ambush which resulted in the death of 12 rebels.

After years of violence in Algeria which resulted in the death of over 150,000 people, the situation quieted down until the recent revelation al-Qaeda has established a new organization in North Africa to further its militant aims. In one sense, the failed policies of George Bush in the Middle East have resulted in a ripple effect as militants who flocked to Iraq to fight Americans are now heading west to fight in Algeria. The legacy of the Iraq war lives on even though there has been a reduction in death within that nation. George Bush has done more to recruit terrorists than any person in history.

Fall Out From Iraq Invasion Spreads Terrorism

The Bush inspired invasion of Iraq has proved to be among the most significant actions in modern Arab history with the unintended consequences of that disastrous action still reverberating throughout the world. Senator McCain insists we are “winning in Iraq” but he apparently does not have a clue that as violence declines in Iraq it is spreading to other parts of the world. A few years ago, the Algerian government had finally come close to completely crushing Islamic militants who had been fighting the government for years. One of the Algerian leaders, Mourad Khettab said, “we didn’t have enough money. the people didn’t want to join.” But, Algerian militants contacted al-Qaeda and soon not only money, but trained personnel were headed in the direction of Algeria.

The newly named Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb is now a powerful threat. It has conducted bombings, suicide bomb attacks, kidnapping or killing European tourists and a host of other actions to once again challenge the Algerian military. Its leaders note that Bush placed their organization on the terrorist list despite warnings from many diplomats the Algerian conflict was a nationalist one, and was not part of any international terrorist organization.

The United States will be living with the Bush legacy years after the man from Texas is back home on his ranch. Terrorism has grown, not lessened as a result of Iraq.

Algeria Denouces US Guantanamo Policies

The Algerian government is concerned over failure on the part of the United States to work with them on issues pertaining to Algerian citizens who are imprisoned at Guanatanmo. According to a source which told the El Khabr newspaper, “The U.S. party was not willing to achieve an agreement about the Algerian prisoners in Guantanamo, and they are seeking making the Algerian party responsible of the falure of the agreement.” The source insists America continually makes new demands such as seeking assurance the Algerian judiciary will act in a manner consistent with American interests. Algeria has been able to identify at least 26 nationals in the prison and several are suffering from mental disorders.

Hopefully, a new adminsitration next January will make as among its first tasks closing down the Guanatanamo prison which has done more to damage the reputation of the United States than any single action of the Bush presidency. Its existance makes mockery of America’s commitment to the ideals of democracy, due process, and the co

Sarkozy Backs Palestinian State And Israel’s Security

French President Nicolas Sarkozy while visiting Algeria came out strongly for the creation of an independent Palestinian state. “it is from a feeling of injustice,’ said Sarkozy, “that the terrorists derive their greatest strengths. Depriving the Palestinians of a nation is an injustice that France will not accept.” He also made clear in his talk with Algerian students ‘that Israel has a right to live in security” and failure to allow that to occur might also be construed as an injustice. While in Algeria, the French president signed a nuclear cooperation accord with Algeria and urged peaceful sharing of nuclear energy between Europe and Muslim nations. Sarkozy also told them Paris would host a conference on December 17 to raise money for the Palestinians. throughout his three day visit, Sarkozy has made clear that French colonial rule of Algeria was wrong and as he put it, “I have not come to deny the past. But, I have come to say that the future is more important.” Several times in his speech, the French leader made clear his opposition to racism, to anti-semitism and to anti-Muslim ideas.

President Sarkozy is doing an important thing by openly speaking of the need for Israel to have security as a nation while also ensuring that Palestine is an independent nation. Those who preach anti-Muslim feeling are no different from those who support anti-semitism.