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Menteng School Graduate US President!

Hundreds of children at the Menteng Elementary School in Central Jakarta were allowed to leave their classes in order to gather around and watch on television results coming in from the United States because they wanted one of their alumni, Barack Obama, to become president of the United States. “Obama, Obama, Obama, we love you!” they shouted as figures came in from abroad. Headmaster Kuswadiya told teacher to suspend classes because this was an historic day for the elementary school which became the only one in the entire world that could boast one of its alumni headed a major nation of the world.

For weeks, every day prior to the beginning of classes, teachers and students have been praying for “Barry” to win the election. As news came that “Barry” had won, the children dashed from the school screaming and yelling with delight. They regarded Barry’s victory as their own and all expressed the hope, “I want Obama to come here so we can talk with him” said Ajo, a fifth grader.