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Words Of Wisdom From Zidiot Of Zimbabwe!

Robert Mugabe inherited a nation that had among the highest standards of education in Africa and its economy was among the best in the continent. In his reign of stupidity and hate, he has transformed his nation from one of prosperity into a country which has an inflation rate of over 2,000,000% and a completely collapsed school system. Over 90% of the population has no jobs and must exist on handouts from foreign nations. Mugabe termed US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Johnnie Carson, as “an idiot” when they encountered one another at an African summit meeting in Libya. “You wouldn’t speak to an idiot of that nature. I was very angry with him, and he thinks he could dictate to us what to do.” Mugabe was also insulted that an African American would dare to offer advice to the most incompetent ruler in Africa.

Last year, Carson’s predecessor, Jendayl Frazier, was insulted by Mugabe when he referred to her as “that little girl trotting around the globe like a prostitute.” He also termed former American Ambassador, James Mcghee, as a “house Negro” for white western leaders. The sad aspect of this story is that Mugabe is undoubtedly only skilled in the insult game and completely at loss in the task of creating a viable economy or restoring freedom to the people of his nation.