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Sunni Iraq Leaders Ready To Rejoin Government

During initial months after the over throw of Saddam Hussein, many Sunni Iraq leaders and groups were subject to revenge attacks by Shiites who had suffered under the regime of Saddam Hussein who was a Sunni. About a year ago, the Sunni Accordance Front withdrew from the Cabinet of Prime Minister Maliki charging they were not being accorded equal rights at governance. It now appears likely, the Accordance Front will rejoin the Maliki government within the coming days. Salim al-Jubouri, a spokesman for the Front commented “many of our demands have been executed.. sharing of responsibility and the issuance of the Amnesty Law.” Since Saddam’s government was so overwhelmingly controlled by the Sunnis, it resulted in American officials initially preventing Sunni leaders from assuming positions of power in the Iraq government.

The coming months will prove decisive as to whether Sunni and Shiite can work together in order to restore the semblance of peace and stability in their nation. This will depend on how Iraqis work or don’t work together and the United States should remain away from this situation.