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Riots Galore Continue In Greece

Twelve days of riots have wracked Greece as thousands of students continue their protest against what initially was anger over the death of a fifteen year old killed by a policeman, but it is now not quite clear exactly what students seek other than continuation of riots. Protestors hung two huge banners across the Acropolis which urged “Resistance.” It is becoming increasingly clear students are engaged in creating a sense of anarchy. The rampage through Athens which destroyed hundreds of shops and smashed banks represents something deeper than the death of a boy. We are witnessing a generation which has lost faith in the intelligence or capacity of elders to create societies based on human justice and equity. The enormous growth of wealth among those on top of society has angered young people.

One group battered their way into a TV studio which was broadcasting the prime minister’s speech to urge youth to take to the streets, “stop watching, get out onto the streets.” And, “free everyone who has been arrested.” The anarchists do not have any concrete plans to build a just society, they simply know what drives them to distraction. In a sense, the inability of youth to articulate a future is no different than adults who are stumbling in confusion on how to fix broken economies.