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Ann Coulter -She’s Cute, Pert And, Oh, So Nasty!

Republicans like Ann Coulter so enjoy opportunities to come across as persecuted and oppressed by the liberal establishment. Nothing is more self satisfying that being told to respect the rights of other humans who do not have access to the media. She was appearing at the University of Ottawa when the provost, half in jest, reminded her that in Canada, “promoting hatred toward other groups” is illegal. That was sufficient to allow the guardian of the rich and powerful to cast herself in the role of defender of freedom of speech. Of course, this is one defender who does not believe her opponents have free speech rights, particularly, if they are those “terrorists.” She told the media, “the provost of the u. of Ottawa is threatening to criminally prosecute me for my speech there on Monday, before I have ever set foot in the country.”

Of course, Canada was merely attempting to prevent abuses of freedom of speech such as occurred in Rwanda when 800,000 were murdered. In a speech in Ottawa, she insulted a 17 year old Muslim student and told her to take a camel after the girl pointed out that Ann’s comment about Muslims using flying carpets instead of planes was insulting.

Coulter thrives on innocent comments that can be interpreted several ways.

A US Soldier On Ann Coulter

We print a letter from a soldier stationed in Iraq. As usual, we will not comment on views stated by members of the military.

One Party System Wouldn’t Do

“I’ve gotten rather sick and burned out from hearing the rants of the political pundits. Now I just want to say. Enough.

Who does Ann Coulter think she is? Is she a jurist… a general… a bonna fide expert on foreign affairs” where does she have the argument that she is right and Justice Kennedy is wrong(Justice Kennedy gave our enemies new life, column, June 23)

For whatever faults Anthony Kennedy or the other eight jurists that sit on that hallowed court have, they also have the great burden of ensuring that abuses either don’t happen or are cubed to the minimize the damage. And as to the Democratic Party being the one for traitors, I couldn’t disagree more. although I may not always see eye to eye with all their ideals, they are vital to the survival to the function of democracy. One only needs to look at the Soviet Union to see the results of the one-party system, not to mention when civil liberties are stripped away for the ‘common good.’

Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that torture is legal. And, nowhere in that document does it say we have to take what these wannabe kingmakers say as gospel.”

Spc. William M. Saunders
Camp Bucca, Iraq

Ann Coulter– Princess of Igorance!

We print portions of a letter that appeared in the December 28, 2007 issue of Stars & Stripes.

“I can actually say that Stars & Stripes has reached rock bottom. Here we are the day before we celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace, and you publish such trash. In a way, it was a typical Coulter column, careening from trying to sell books, trying to offend and talking about graphic sex acts. Her rants are disgusting, they are hateful, they are intolerant, and they have no place –absolutely no place — in a publication that is committed to defending a democratic form of living.

I think the irony here is that by carrying her column, Stripes is saying to all the conservatives in the military, ‘Hey, you’re too dumb to understand George Will on a regular basis; you’re too stupid to understand William Kristol; and you’re way too retarded to understand William F. Buckley Jr. But, we’ve got someone you’ll love– Ann Coulter.’ I guess Stars & Stripes knows it readership better than I do.”
Major Pat Young
Camp Victory, Iraq

We appreciate the passion and decency of Major Pat Young.

Another Phony Soldier Spouts Evil Liberal Dogma-Listening, Rush?

The October 31 issue of the Stars& Stripes carried a letter from a soldier in Iraq who undoubtedly qualifies under the Rush Limbaugh criteria of being a phony soldier. Here is an extract from the column:
“One thing I could see less of in the Stars & Stripes is the column of Ann Coulter, not because she’s conservative, but because she writes at the top of her lungs, like a wacky teenager who is ridiculed by the boys for being flat chested, and ugly. Sarcasm becomes her coping mechanism. Her column must cost next to nothing to carry. Why not try carrying George Will or someone like that more often. He’s a verbose blowhard, but at least he can write.”
Maj. Pat Young
Camp Victory, Iraq

I await expectantly for the Republican smear machine to swift boat Major Pat Young.