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Key Kenya Issues Outlined By Kofi Annan

Former UN chief, Kofi Annan, listed four key issues that were central to restoring peace in Kenya. First, is an immediate halt to violence and the restoration of fundamental rights and liberties. Second, is promotion of reconciliation between tribes presently engaged in brutal action against one another. Third, resolve the current political crisis that began when President Kibai literally stole the election. Fourth, investigation of long term issues that will prevent future outbreaks of such virulent hatred between tribal groups in Kenya. Annan titled his proposals: “Suggested Agenda for the National Dialogue on the Resolution of the Political Crisis in Kenya.” ODM leader, Raila Odinga asked for the word “mediation” to be substituted for “dialogue.” It is expected that Annan would chair mediation procedures but will be assisted by other leading African figures like the former president of Tanzania, Benjamin Mkapa and by Ms. Graca Machel.

President Kibaki is currently attending a meeting of the African Union and apparently acted as though there were no problems in his nation. Fortunately, the South African delegation insisted on discussing the current situation. Kibaki insists there are some internal problems but they will be resolved. Foreign Minister Moses Wetangula told AU delegates, “We can handle the situation and have enough internal capacities to solve the problem. There is no need for external support.”

President Kibaki fears outside support because it will make public his efforts to subvert a free election by doctoring vote counts. No wonder, he wants to “handle the situation.”