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Play Football Or Play Politics Is The Question!

I am a fanatic sports fan who watches baseball, football, and basketball a good part of my daily life. Among the reasons I enjoy watching a sport event is because there are no political aspects to the game, just some talented men and women doing their best to beat the hell out of the other team. But, anti-abortion folk want to make certain that controversy intrudes into sports by paying for an advertisement during the Super Bowl which explains why they are opposed to abortion. The ad will feature, Tim Tebow of the University of Florida football team who during his football career painted Bible quotations under his eyes. The ad is entitled: Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life, will feature Tebow and his mom who went through with a difficult pregnancy and delivered little Tim.

Mr. Tebow was an outstanding college quarterback, but has never followed through with a successful professional football career. I wonder if the reason for his lack of success derives from trying to use Jesus to further his career. I guess this proves Jesus Christ just was not into football or baseball or basketball. Perhaps, Mr. Tebow can get into donkey racing.

Obama Won’t Abort On Abortion Debate!

President Barack Obama spoke with honesty and directness to a Notre Dame graduation ceremony while reaffirming his commitment to the concept of legalized abortion even as demonstrators outside and inside showed their displeasure at his remarks. “No matter how much we may want to fudge ti–indeed while we know that the views of most Americans on the subject are complex and even contradictory– the fact is that at some level, the views of the two camps are irreconcilable.” Anti-abortionists held up their ever present signs which showed slogans like, “thou shalt not kill.” The president urged both sides to avoid demonizing the other and to seek common ground in concern for pregnant women and newborn children.

It is ironic that a Catholic institution in which people declare their opposition by announcing “thou shalt not kill” would allow former president Bush or Don Cheney or Don Rumsfeld to appear without protest event though these men caused the deaths of over 4,000 Americans, the wounding of over 30,000 and the death of thousands of Iraqis. I can only assume a belief in not killing only extends to the birth of a child.

I always find interesting that those opposing abortion so frequently oppose free medical care for young mothers or free day care or decent incomes so they can raise children to be healthy. Their concern for the “child” only extends to the moment when he/she is born, after that they couldn’t care one damn bit.

Wither The Republican Party?

The Republican Party stands at an historic crossroad and must decide which road along which to venture. The American people have made clear the manner in which Republicans conduct elections based on questioning the loyalty of opponents and smears and lies are not welcomed among those who vote in this nation. There is no question, Governor Sarah Palin,is now a force in the Republican party. Palin represents the small minded bigoted approach to politics. As Senator McCain spoke his concession speech, boos and angry shouts against Senator Barack Obama filled the air. These people have no sense that an election is not between the loyal American and the disloyal American, we are all loyal.

If Palin assumes control of the Republican Party she will reduce it to a small groups of right wing fundamentalist fanatics who want to reduce their party to the past. Her voice will resonate well with minded people who believe the Earth is 10,000 years old and that women have no right to control their body and that unions are denied to working people. Her voice is not that of educated Americans. Those who have intelligence and understanding of the challenges of the 21st century will not vote for a Sarah Palin.

We believe the ascendancy of Sarah Palin marks the end of the Republican party as we know it. Moderate Republicans may well form a new coalition with Libertarians and create a new party that adheres to ideals of free enterprise and limited government, but one which accepts gay rights and and end to torture and an end to bigotry and small minded leaders. They will seek a new direction for the Republican party that does not include the ignorant person who is currently governor of Alaska.