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Christian Militia Ready For War Against America!

The consequences of hate being spewed from the lips of Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh generate an atmosphere of hate and anger that encourages those with turmoil in their heart to seek out causes of what they believe is behind problems in America. Nine suspects tied to a Christian militia that was preparing for the AntiChrist were charged with conspiring to kill police officers, and then make other assaults including firebomb attacks on a funeral. The Michigan based group called Huatree, planned the attacks as a catalyst to a larger uprising against the American government. After all, it is headed by an African who is a secret Muslim and undoubtedly tied to terrorist groups around the world.

The leader of this group of nuts is David Brian Stone who his wife claims got their sons involved with his madness. “It started out as a Christian thing. You go to church, you pray. You take care of your family. I think David started to take it a little too far.”

The group, in perfect NRA fashion, has been practicing with fire arms in the woods in order to get ready for its challenge to the United States armed forces. They claim the Bible notes the arrival of an Anti-Christ and who better fits the bill than a man of African American background? Ironically, these men are the anti-Christ.