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Turkey Entry Into European Union Doubtful

The recent elections to the European Union parliament have resulted in gains for conservatives and right wing groups. Turkey’s bid to enter the EU was doubtful at best, but now that conservatives and anti-Muslim factions have gained more seats in the EU parliament it raises issues as to whether a bid by a Muslim nation will be successful. The recession, rising anger toward immigrants, and loss of confidence in socialist and liberal groups most probably were important factors in the growth of votes for anti-immigrant parties in Europe. Geert Wilders, who has led the fight in the Netherlands, to halt further immigration saw a large improvement in his vote. A fascist from the United Kingdom became the first member of his party to secure a seat in the EU parliament.

Any time there is a recession, anger toward the stranger and immigrants rises in a society. As unemployment increases, people interpret immigrants working as taking away their jobs even though few would actually seek jobs in the lower echelons of society.

Immigrants–Stay Out, Say New Zealand Bigots

Peter Brown, deputy leader of New Zealand First, bluntly told immigrants they were not welcome in New Zealand unless they were prepared to give up any cultural traditions or values that conflict with those of New Zealand. He particularly expressed his anger at immigrants who come from nations in which women were treated as subservient to men or had a “class system.” Brown spoke at a meeting which contained many immigrants and emphasized to them New Zealand was an “egalitarian society” and only wanted people who share those values.

The Brown speech came at a meeting in which eight political parties expressed their views to a crowd containing many immigrants. Brown’s comment undoubtedly represents the feeling of many people in New Zealand who fear strangers, particularly those from Asian societies. Of course, the ironic aspect of Brown’s comments regarding coming from a “class society” given that most original British immigrants came from a class society. Has Mr. Brown ever read the history of British migration to New Zealand and Austrialia?

Right Wingers Woo Austrian Nation

Austria was birthplace to several key Nazi leaders such as Adolf Hitler but these days it simply finds comfort in poor imitations of the glory days of Nazism. Jorg Haider and his former protege, Heinz-Christian Strache, are vying with one another in an effort to gain political power in their nation. Haider’s party gained 42% of the vote in the state of Carintha and now has cast eyes on the national scene where it hopes to become a major player in the future of Austria. He is leading the “Aliance for Austria’s Future”(BZO) which he hopes will gain several seats in Sunday’s election for parliament. Most Austrians are fed up with center groups that now control the government and which have failed to generate excitement in what can be the future of their nation.

The Social Democrats which historically have represented itself as a champion of human rights have now joined the chorus of anti-immigrant rhetoric. However, the Haider Alliance for Austria and Strache’s Austrian Freedom Party may well capture enough votes to either lead the government or help determine its composition and policies. Perhaps, the biggest mystery is can two men who share similar ideas share in creating a government?

Children Are Unteachable Says British Educator!

Chris Parry, chief executive of h Independent Schools Council of Great Britain told the Guardain newspaper that schools are being burdened with trying to educate unteachable children whose ignorant parents together with teachers who would rather be elsewhere make impossible attaining any success in the field of education. The former rear admiral, who most probably has never actually taught children, complained “there are too many leaders but not enough leadership, there are a lot of managers and not enough management. there aren’t enough teachers and aren’t enough teachers in subjects we need, it’s lackg human material(and) financial resources.” Several months ago Parry warned Great Britain there was a process of “reverse colonization” in which poor people were headed for the island and would try to recast it in their own backward image.

He insisted teachers are being “buyllied” by a “group from perhaps a disadvantaged background who have got a different agenda.” He complained of sitting in on a parent’s meeting at a comprehensive school and was “shocked by the level of ignorance and criticism that came from the parents.”

Mr. Parry is entitled to his view of parents and children who come from poverty and immigrant background. My parents were uneducated immigrants who lacked the knowledge of Mr. Parry. However, they sought one thing as do the parents of 90% of immigrant children– an opportunity for their children to become educated, to attend college and to escape the horror of poverty. Mr. Parry may be in the field of education, but he certainly is no educator.

What Went Wrong Asks South Africa?

The recent xenophobic violence which swept through South Africa resulting in the death of dozens of people and the destruction of homes and businesses of immigrants is causing South Africans to wonder if their nation has been too complacent about serious structural and economic issues. A special task force probing the violence concludes there was no one cause, but the outbreak resulted from a variety of causes ranging from failure of the government to confront poverty to the presence of millions of immigrants in a nation with a high unemployment rate.The report noted ‘in some cases, there is some evidence of copy-cat activities in which criminals took advantage of the news story to conduct criminal acts” but the violence can not be simply classified as an example of criminals running wild.

The South African government now understands it must protect all those living in the country from violence on the part of those seeking to achieve goals by using the presence of immigrants to vent frustrations. The message to security forces is “no violence will be tolerated.” A major problem when violence initially began was failure on the part of police and army to take immediate strong action to nip the attacks in the bud before they could gain momentum.

Some immigrants may leave South Africa and return home but thousands are unable to go back as is the case of those from Zimbabwe where that nation is in chaos due to the incompetent and brutal actions of President Mugabe. Thousands of immigrants have married native South Africans and have families that can not be abandoned. At present, an important need is for the government to finally show some initiative and provide food, clothing and shelter to those impacted by violence.

South Africa Lull As Nation Picks Up Pieces From Hate

Two weeks of violence and hatred have ripped apart the image of South Africa as a nation which seeks to assume the leadership of Africa. The fury that was unleashed against foreign workers in the country has never previously been witnessed and in the wake of what happened thousands of innocent people are left without a home, without clothes, without a job and without food. Estimates are that up to a 100,000 have been displaced and dozens killed as mobs rampaged through towns killing, beating and burning. At least 50,000 Zimbabweans and Moczambicans have left the country in fear of their lives. There are about five million immigrants in South Africa of whom at least half are from Zimbabwe where President Mugabe has destroyed the economy and viciously attacked opponents.

Reporters have found hundreds of people camped out near police stations huddling under blankets as winter begins. “We are living like dogs,” said a Sudanese refugee, “please tell somebody to help us.” Most aid to refugees is coming from church groups, relief agencies and individuals. Despite making speeches about how terrible everything was, government leaders are not initiating any large-scale relief efforts. The Red Cross has complained about the lack of national coordination to deal with the impact of the riots.

Perhaps, if President Mbeki would exert pressure on his close friend, President Mugabe of Zimbabwe, a fair election in that nation would bring to power a government that would restore the wrecked economy and most probably result in millions of Zimbabweans in South Africa returning home.

African Unions Decry Anti-Immigrant Attacks

The Organization of Africa Trade Unions(OATUU) expressed its outrage at the failure of the South African government to protect the rights of immigrants during the recent riots which have torn apart that nation as anti-immigrant mobs roam the streets of Johannesburg. “It is unacceptable and against African tradition for poor African migrants to be made the victims of rage and frustration of the poor and unemployed black South Africans. It is aso against the spirit of Pan-Africanism and African unity, and a disservice to Africa’s economic intergration.” Hassan Sunmonu, secretary-general of OATUU, was particularly upset at the manner in which South African police and military forces failed to afford effective protection to immigrants.

African trade union leaders are furious at President Mbeki whose failure to act more decisively undoubtedly played a role in spread of violence. “We are particularly outraged by the massaive scale of the attacks and the apparent leisurely response of the law enformcement agencies who seemed unable to muster the will to apprehend the savage attacks. Judging from television footages, some of the wounded and dying victims were just left to their own fate, without any intervention by relevant municipal authorities to aid them or ward off further attacks.”

The Nigerian government believes most of the attacks were directed toward Zimbabweans and Somalis more than to people from Nigeria. Zimbabwean refugees have no government which will defend their rights and to return home is to return to the horror of starvation and life in a totalitarian state.

Italian Fascists Attack Immigrants

During the recent parliamentary elections in Italy, Silvio Berlusconi and his allies campaigned on a program to act tought toward immgrants and to get rid of them. Last m onths, thousands greeted mayor Gianni Allemanno of Rome with Fascist salutes and a mob firebombed a Gypsy camp near Naples. On Saturday, in a ten minute blitz, a group of between 10 and 20 masked men attacked a food shop owned by an Indian migrant and two stores owned by those from Bangladesh. The Pigneto neighborhood has a reputation for peace co-exitence between people of divergent backgrounds, but the Berlusconi encouragement of anger toward foreigners undoubtedly played a role in fostering this hateful action.

Interior Minister Roberto Marconi of the anti-immigrant Northern league Party which is allied with Berlusconi commented: “Italy is not a racist country. Episodes of this kind are sometimes enflamed by crimes committed by illegal immigrants.” Naturally in Berlusconi Italy, victims are the culprits, not those who assault. Italy lived through twenty-five years of Mussolini Fascism, and it will work its way through this latest ugliness.

Berlusconi-The Garbage Man Prime Minister

Silvio Berlusconi held his first cabinet meeting in Naples as a token of his commitment to solve th city’s perennial problem with garbage collection, and the equally present issue of crime. The cabinet arrived in a city whose roads had been cleaned up overnight in preparation for the arrival of the Prime Minister and the cabinet. Perhaps, Berlusconi has found the perfect solution to garbage collection in Naples, fly in the cabinet every day for meetings in the city and that immediately ends any problems with garbage. Now, if Berlusconi could find an equally simple solution to deal with the Camorra, the Naples version of Sicily’s Mafia, he will definitely fulfill goals of some signs which read “Berlusconi Santo Subito” which translates into immediate sainthood for the mult-millionaire.

The Berlusconi administration approved a package of anti-immigration laws, including making being an illegal, a crime punishable by jail, and ensuring tougher sentences for any illegal who commits a crime. It is strange why a crime which has a punishment would provide for a tougher punishment if the same crime was committted by an illegal immigrant. The new law is simply in accord with the “get tough” image Berlusconi seeks to project.

Italy Goes Along Political Road To Nowhere

Silvio Berlusconi bought himself another electoral victory in Italy because the nation is simply tired of politicians and decided to go along with a right wing egomaniac as the best of all possible choices. Center-Left leader, Walter Veltroni conceded defeat as his party garned 38.2% of the vote to the victor’s 44.9%. It appears at first glance that Berlusconi will be able to govern without relying on votes from smaller parties, but the confusing pattern of voting in Italy sometimes leads to unexpected results when voting is completed for the lower house of parliament. The Northern League Party, which is allied with Berlusconi, scored a rather impressive showing due to its strident anti-immigrant platform.

One piece of news tht helped doom Veltroni was a European Union report which indicates the Spanish economy has now surpassed that of Italy. The question is whether Berlusconi could stimulate the Italian economy even though the last time in office he failed at that effort. When all is said and done, the Italian people were disgusted by their choices and went for a famous man who has money and could use his control over media to get across his message.