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Neo-Fascist Is Mayor Of Rome!

About eighty years ago, Fascist thugs led by Benito Mussolini, stormed through the streets of Rome on their way to power and the installation of a dictatorship that eventually led to the destruction of their nation. Yesterday, a former street-fightng neo-fascist won a crushing victory in Rome’s mayoral election which adds luster to the triumph of conservative Silvio Belusconi who gained a majority in parliament. Gianni Alemanno, wears a Celtic cross belonging to a friend who was killed in a street demonstration and he promised to implement his anti-immigrant program as soon as possible. Among the key points of his program, which apparently, met with approval of Romans, includes:
“Immediate activate procedure for the expulsion of 20,000 nomads and immigrants who have broken the law in Rome.”
“Closure of illegal nomad camps, rigorous and effective checks on legal ones, and their progresssive elimination.”

Mr. Alemanno was swept in by hysteria that began last fall when a housewife was mudered and the national press highlighteed stories about immigrant murderers. Several migrant camps was demolished and a new “decree law” imposed restrictions on immigrants far surapssing any in effect within other European Union nations.

Fascism by any other name is still fascism. Italy gave birth to modern fascism, hopefully, eventually saner minds will give birth to anti-fascism.