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Swedes Demonstrate Selective Outrage

Thousands of Swedish demonstrators protested against allowing their national tennis team to compete with athletes from Israel. The match held in Malmo witnessed demonstrators protesting what they viewed at Israeli brutality in the invasion of Gaza and urged that any matches be cancelled with a government they considered to violate democratic principles. They were able to have the match played behind closed doors which pleased those in charge of the demonstration.

The Israel invasion of Gaza was a response at of all proportion to the issue of rockets hitting their nation. But, over 6,000 rockets from Gaza did hit Israel, certainly not a minor issue. This writer would like to know why these demonstrators against oppression remain silent when 300,000 have been killed in Darfur and thousands of women raped. Why do these demonstrators against oppression get upset at the 60,000 killed in Uganda or the thousands now dead in Zimbabwe. Of course, if they really were interested in fighting oppression they would be shouting in fury at the death of FIVE MILLION PEOPLE IN CONGO. This writer welcomes a response to my questions by those who only believe Israel is the main culprit in the world. Their “selective anger against oppression” is the ultimate in hypocrisy.

Israel has blundered and made terrible mistakes in its policy toward Palestinians, but it still remains THE ONLY NATION IN THE MIDDLE EAST WHICH ALLOWS MUSLIMS FREEDOM OF SPEECH, PRESS AND ELECTION TO PUBLIC OFFICE.

P.S. The Israelis pulled an upset against Sweden in the David Cup

Indonesian Synagogue Sealed By Muslims

Mobs of Muslims marched in Indonesia to protest Israel actions in Gaza and when they encountered one of the few synagogues in Surabays, they sealed it to prevent any access. The protestors also focused on American related business establishments like the notorious McDonalds which spread the American way of life they oppose. The head of the mob, Abdusshomad Buchonri said the real goal of was to drive out of town any Jews in order to send some sort of message to Israel. “If Israel refuses to stop its attacks on the Palestinian people immediately, we will conduct a sweep for sympathizers, supporters and Israeli agents.”

It is such demonstrations that provide Israelis with justification that Muslims seek to expel them from their homes. Indonesians have every right to protest and yell out Israel, it has nothing to do with Jews who live in their country since they are fellow Indonesians.