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Bali And Papua Defy Indonesian Porno Law

Anger has swept across many areas of Indonesian in protest against the anti-pornography law which was passed by the legislature and signed by the president. Human rights groups are furious at an ambiguously worded law which could transform cultural behaviors or dress into crimes because some Islamic fundamentalist want to impose their view of what is religiously correct on people whose understanding of the Muslim religion is different as well as non-Muslims who do not wish to be told how to dress or behave. The anti-pornography law would make cultural Bali women dress which allows the female figure to display the body to be classified as pornographic. It would make pornographic the traditional Papua male wearing of the Penis Gourd.

Ifdal Kassim chairman of the National Commission for Human Rights said the law violated human rights. “It threatens the existence of minority groups such as homosexuals and transsexuals. It will further increase human rights violations in the future.” Many local authorities are shocked President Yudhoyono signed the bill without having extensive discussions with local leaders and sought their advice. His failure to recognize the rights of minorities has infuriated millions.

islamic fundamentalists have a right to dress or behave in ways they regard as religiously correct, but they have no right to impose their values on minority groups.