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Blame It On Minorities Gets Votes In Bulgaria!

The world-wide recession has sparked a rise in racism and blame economic problems on the presence of ethnic minorities within a country. The recent election in Bulgaria witnessed a remarkable victory for right wing racist parties that used anti-Turkish rhetoric in seeking electoral victory. Ahmet Dogan, a Bulgarian politician who is of Turkish ethnicity and heads the Movement for Rights and Freedom (HOH) was the target of numerous attacks by the Order Law and Justice Party(RZ5) whose leader Yane Yanev ran on an anti-Turkish platform of blaming problems on that ethnic group. Sofia Mayor Boyko Borisov, was openly racist and termed Turks and Romas as the “bad human capital of Bulgaria.”

Among the victims in this victory by right wing racists is any hope of enabling Turkey to become a member of the European Union. Borisov, who is close to the ideas of French President Sarkozy in matters dealing with Turkey, made clear his views by saying, “I am convinced that Turkey will not meet the membership criteria for at least 20-30 more years.”
Hatred has won the battle in many parts of Europe during the past few months. The question is whether failure on the part of Obama to offer economic success will result in similar outcomes in America.