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Butt Out Says Singapore To Condi Rice!

The government of Malaysia is upset at comments made by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice concerning the case of Anwar Ibrahim who has been charged with sodomy by Singapore authorities. Anwar, a former deputy prime minister, revived his political career– which previously had also been sidetracked by sexual molestation charges– and organized a three party coalition which obtained 82 seats in the 222 member Parliament. Rice had indicated American concern that Singapore’s political process was abusing the rights of its citizens by making false charges against a prominent politician. Malaysian Foreign Minister Rais Yatim accused Washington with interfering in an internal matter that was none of its business.

Rice argued it was not a simple internal matter, but one involving human rights since an important political leaders has twice been charged with sexual misconduct when he appears to be gaining political power. “We are always going to speak up on human rights cases, political cases,” argued the US Secretary of State.

There is something unusual when a political opponent is charged with sexual misconduct each time he apparently is securing popular appeal in his society. We don’t mean to butt it, we’re just wondering and asking questions.