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Change Of Regime Possible In Malaysia

The opposition alliance headed by Anwar Ibrahim is rather secretive concerning its next moves which might result in the overthrow of a coalition which has led the nation for over thirty years. Anwar reportedly is seeking to engage in discussions with Malalysia’s entrenched government in order to avoid possible violence when the change in government occurs. There is talk several defectors from the government’s coalition are prepared to go public with their names in the coming days. Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has pledged to thwart Mr. Anwar’s attempt to unseat the ruling National Front government.

The entire issue is confused by government efforts to arrest opponents on charges of creating turmoil and threatening national security. Malaysia’s Cabinet Minister in charge of legal affairs, Zaid Ibrahim, resigned in protest over the arrest of government opponents.

It is very uncertain as to whether the National Front will go quietly or whether it will decide to remain violently.