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Is Malaysia Headed For Democracy?

Anwar Ibrahim, the insurgent leader in Malaysia hopes to have a new coalition of parties united behind his candidacy by the end of the week. He is dealing with a government that has ruled for over forty years and there are still fears the incumbents may not wish to depart in a graceful manner. “We want the transition to be peaceful,” said Anwar. “That’s why we are not giving an ultimatum.” He refuses to provide names of members of the ruling coalition who have decided to come over to his group in hope that a new government can ensure democracy is practiced in their nation. Among the goals of a coalition government headed by Anwar would be involving members of minorities such as the Chinese and Hindus more actively in the political process.

During his political life, Anwar has previously been written off, particularly after the government tried to convict him on trumped up charges of sodomy. He has fought against every attempt to stifle voices seeking a more democratic society. Anwar promised that once in power, “there will be no witch-hunting. What we want is to rule without corruption, detention without trial, or theft of the people’s resources.”

Malaysia Continues Descent Into Destroying Democracy

Malaysia has been regarded for decades as a nation which is committed to democracy even though the same coalition of parties rules the state with an iron fist. However, the winds of change are swirling and each example of cracking down on those who oppose the government only appear to make Malaysia’s rulers appear incompetent and out of touch with reality. The government came under renewed criticism when the Home Minister arrested a journalist on grounds he was merely trying to protect her against violence. Tan Hoon Cheng, a reporter for a Chinese language newspaper together with the editor of an opposition newspaper because their critical remarks about the government some how would result in ethnic violence that eventually would cause them to be assaulted.

Anwar Ibrahim, has been attempting to create a new coalition of parties which would ensure that minorities in Malaysia finally obtained a voice in government. The government has charged him with various crimes in order to silence anyone who dares challenge the establishment which rules the nation. Fortunately, Anwar is committed to a pluralistic society in which all members have a voice in government. He also seeks to end the rigid rule which prevents students from participating in politics.

Malaysian Opposition Leader Arrested

Several weeks ago the ruling party of Malaysia was shocked by severe losses in parliamentary elections and within a few weeks initiated action against the main opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, who was charged with a sexual crime. This is not the first time Anwar has been accused of such sexual misconduct, but the coincidence of parliamentary losses and accusations against a major political opponent certainly raises questions. Anwar was arrested after returning from a session with the Anti Corruption Agency where he provided information about mistakes made in his earlier case of sexual misconduct. His lawyer told the press his client was being arrested into alleged “carnal intercourse against the order of nature.” We assume this means sodomy.

Anwar’s followers are upset because for weeks the media has attempted to demonize their leader as a sexual predator. They believe it is a repeat of the actions taken against Anwar in 1998 when he was charged with carnal intercourse. The arrest took place 15 hours after Anwar told the nation he was standing for election and if his party gained control of the legislature he would push for laws to lower fuel costs.

The world of politics should be free of any connection with how an individual conducts his or her love life. All forms of sexual intercourse are natural and are in accordance of the natural order of life. How can they be anything else?

Malaysia Embroiled In Political Sex Charges

Anwar Ibrahim, leader of Malaysia’s opposition coalition which won a tremendous victory in last month’s election for the legislature, was accused by police of having sodomized an aide. In order to avoid being arrested the charismatic political leader has taken refuge in the Dutch Embassy in Kula Lumpur. Anwar claims the entire charge is an “attempt by the government to crush his political party,” and is a complete fabrication. His wife has supported her husband and insists there is no evidence of any improper sexual behavior on his part.

Anwar claims he has received death threats after his coalition made tremendous gains by obtaining 82 of the 222 seats in parliament. The ruling National Front alliance is apparently frightened because Anwar has reached out to members of its own coalition in order to persuade them to cross over. The National Front has been in power for years and, most probably, like any party in power for a long time, it is reluctant to actually allow an opposition party to take over the government. The prime minister denies knowledge of the police investigation which doesn’t come across as being an honest statement.