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Where Are Jewish Voices For Social Justice?

Dr. Neve Gordon of Ben-Gurion University made himself the center of hate by publishing a story in the Los Angeles Times that blasted Jewish liberals and social activists for inaction in the face of discrimination against Arabs in their society as well as in Palestine. He argued that Israel has become an apartheid state in which Jews obtain economic, social and political rewards, while Arabs have become second-class citizens. Gordon noted how Israel academics become furious when anyone from the “outside” makes comparisons to apartheid and sounds the clarion cry of “anti-semitism.”

The school year open in Gaza and children will be without notebooks, books to use in studying, lacking pens, and working with teachers in buildings that were wrecked by IDF bombing raids. Is any Israel university organizing drives to secure school materials for Gaza students? Hundreds of Palestinian students in the West Bank are in jails because they belonged to the wrong student organization. Where are the voices of freedom for “college students?”

Examine the history of social justice in any Western society and the names of Jews are present. Jews, historically, fought for the rights of the oppressed, check pictures of marches by Martin Luther King and you will note the presence of rabbis.

Which Israel rabbis today march for Palestinian rights? Which academic leaders defend the rights of Palestinian students?

Israel Professor Blasted For Writing Truth

Israel’s Education Minister sharply denounced an op-ed article by Dr. Neve Gordon, a political science lecturer from Ben-Gurion university. In the article which appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Professor Gordon described Israel as an “apartheid state” and pointed out 3.5 million Palestinians and half a million Jews live in occupied land which has two sets of laws, one for the occupier and one for the occupied. Guess which group is which. He pointed out that “while these two groups live in the same area, they are subject to totally different legal systems.” Professor Gordon is upset that words from the UN or the US have failed to end the occupation and denial of basic rights for Palestinians.

Most probably many people support the Israel occupation of the West Bank and construction of settlements, but how can they deny there are two different legal systems governing the area? Israel’s Consul-General in Los Angeles, Yaakov Dayan termed Professor Gordon as possessing “anti-Zionist” attitudes. Professor Gordon is certainly expressing a Zionist view although many might disagree with his ideas.

When will it be possible to express a view that challenges the current Israel government without being denounced as an anti-semite or anti-Israel?

Bigotry Of The Elite: A Sad South African Story

it ws just another freshmen prank at the segregated campus of South Africa’s University of the Free State, another silly film to place on the Internet or YouTube about freshmen initiation practices. Two white students, Roelof Malherbe and Schalk van der Mersw, filmed a mock freshmen initiation of five black cleaners who worked for their group. In one scene, a student is whon urinating into a bowl of soup before it is apparently served to the cleaners. Four middle aged women and a man, are shown forced to run a race, play rubgy, and down beer. The film ends with a caption in Afrikaans that reads: “At the end of the day, this is what we really think of integration.”

The boys belong to Reitz hostel, a group of bungalows in the verdant campus of the university that is named after a Boer leader. African students are furious and one told reporters: “There is going to be fighting. The blacks are going to get their revenge for those ladies. We’ve had many race riots here and now there will be more. The Free State is the mother of apartheid.”

Reitz residence head, Christo Dippenaar, believes the entire problem of white-black conflict can best be resolved by playing rugby with one another. He emphasized in defense of the white students: “If any harm was done, we as a hostel are sorry. But the guys who made the video are my brothers, so I’m not going to say it was good or bad.”

If Mr. Dippenaar is the spokesman for white South Africa, whites are in for trouble. His comments are offensive and racist. In 2007, the university senate passed a motion to integrate hostels with a 70-30 ratio which apparently is beginning to happen in female hostels. Male hostels remain 85% white and 15% black.

It is sad after nearly two decades of attempting to create a multi-racial South Africa, there are still immature students at universities who don’t know the difference between fun and degradation of people.