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Turkish Government Apologizes To Alevi

The Alevi are a Muslim group which adheres to liberal ideas in which all faiths are recognized as being good and women are on an equal basis with men. The Alevi has suffered constant discrimination and hate because of their independent views on the nature of the Muslim religion and their refusal to follow fundamentalist approaches to religion. Minister of Culture and Tourism, Ertugrul Gunay, spoke for the current government by making clear hi Justice and Development Party, although a religious centered one, is sorry for the manner in which Alevi have been treated and persecuted for their religious beliefs. ‘I want to apologize for all of the wrongdoings done in the past” and he thanked Alevi for their “unwavering belief and protection of the Turkish nation.”

The apology to the Alevi is an important first step in truly creating the basis of religious freedom in Turkey. It recognizes there are alternative paths to the truth in the Muslim religion. Another such step in working to undo hate of the past would be an apology to the Armenian people.

Al Jazeera Blasted For Honoring Killer!

The Al Jazeera television channel admitted yesterday it violated its own code of ethics by broadcasting a July 19 program which made released killer Samir Qantar as a hero to the masses. Qantar killed innocent Israelis and bashed in the head of a child, but he was welcomed as a hero by thousands of people in Lebanon and Al Jazeera played up the performance by the two bit thug and murderer. The network said its editorial board concluded the broadcast “violated Al Jazeera’s Code of Ethics” and it regards “these violations as as very serious and will assess what action is necessary.”

Israel had stated yesterday that it would no longer expedite Al Jazeera’s applications for entry visas and work permits in Israel. However, in light of the apology and promise to take corrective action the Israel government may once accord the television channel normal media rights.

The entire display by the Lebanese people to glorify a murderer who bashes in the head of children was disgraceful. Al Jazeera is to be commended for its honesty in being self critical.

Did CNN Apologize To China?

During the turmoil in Tibet, CNN showed videos which the Chinese government insist were incorrect such as claiming people were being loaded on police trucks when the video on closer examination revealed they were being placed in an ambulance. Yesterday, People’s Daily proudly announced, “CNN has finally apologized.” However, the Shanghai Daily believes no such apology was ever given by CNN. The actual statement from Jack Cafferty reads: “And the one thing I regret is that some Chinese citizens in China and Chinese Americans in this country felt like maybe I was insulting them. And that was never my intention. And, I am sorry for that…” He described the Chinese as “goons and thugs” in the broadcast.

The Code of ethics of the AmericanSociety of Professional Journalists says:

1. Show good taste.

2. Avoid stereotyping by race, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, georgraphy, sxual orientation, disability, physical apearance or social status.

3. Admit mistakes quickly.

Did CNN apologize?