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Blessed Are The Test Designers?

At one point in my life I worked on designing questions that were posed on a national exam, and decided my conscience could not continue engaging in acts that violate human rights. Over 3,000 A level students in the United Kingdom have signed up for an unprecedented Facebook campaign of protest against an AQA biology exam. Students claim the exam failed to test what they learned as part of their curriculum cited in their school syllabus. Some claim only three of the eight questions had anything to do with what was taught during the year in their biology class. The exam board promised to “take account of their concerns when marking their exams.”

Excuse me, the exam board should not be “taking into account” student concerns. If the test failed to evaluate learning that occurred in classrooms, the exam should be discarded. It is important that teachers be responsible for designing exams for their students since they know what was or was not taught. Restore power to teachers and recognize their professional abilities instead of having individuals who never were in their classroom design what should be tested. Anything less, lacks a sense of intellectual behavior.