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Saudi Arabia Atomic Plan Offer To Iran Being Considered

Saudi Arabia has suggested to Iran a way out of the current impasse regarding activities within that nation to develop nuclear power. The Saudis are proposing that Iran join with the six nation Gulf Cooperation Council in a consortium of countries which would jointly develop uranium enrichment for peaceful nuclear purposes. President Ahmadinejad responded by saying, “We will be talking with our (Arab) friends” regarding the proposal and was willing to meet in Switzerland with interested parties. Muhamed El Baradi of the International Atomic Energy Agency reported to the Security Council that his investigations indicate Iran is still pursuing enrichment activities but of a low quality that is more appropriate for peaceful uses than for development of weapons.

Ahmadinejad has previously rejected Russian proposals for a consortium, but if he decides to join with fellow Arab nations it might be a simple way to avoid a nuclear confrontation with war hawks in the Bush administration who are itching for a fight with Iran. The IAEA report indicates if Iran is bent on atomic weapons it will take an additional one to two years so the world has some breathing room to resolve the problem. There is no need for immediate action.