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Egypt Urges Arab Force For Peace In Gaza

During the past year, this blog has been urging creation of an Arab Legion which would enforce peace in the Gaza strip. Egyptian Foreign Minister Aboul Gheit in a magazine effort raised the concept of establishing an Arab force which would be stationed in Gaza in order to end violence within the strip as well as toward Israel. “The presence of an Arab force in the territory, ” he said, “could help stop violence and end the Israel-Palestinian conflict.” He emphasized his suggestion could only come about until after Fatah and Hamas have reached an agreement to end their violence against one another.

At this point, given the lack of enthusiasm among Hamas leaders to take vigorous action against militants who fire rockets into Israel, an independent Arab army would be the perfect force to guarantee peace. It might be beneficial to draw upon the Turkish armed forces as well as those from Egypt and Jordan to constitute the basis for an Arab Legion.