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Israel Democracy In Action!

The nation of Israel remains one of the few in the Middle East which retains a vital and boisterous democratic process of politics. Avigdor Lieberman ripped into Arab members of the Knesset by calling them names and claiming they were dangerous to his nation’s survival. MK Muhammad Barakei had told the Isreal leader he had a “racist HIV” and should not be part of the government. Lieberman described Arab members of Parliament as working with Hamas and Hizbullah leaders to “destroy Israel as a Jewish and Zionist state.” As Arab MK Taleb A-Sanaa responded to Lieberman’s decision to leave the coalition government, “good riddance,” because Lieberman is destroying efforts to achieve peace.

Israel leader all too often refuse to emphasize in public stateements their nation has freely elected Arab Muslim members of Parliament. In reality, Israel offers Arabs more opportunity to elect people to government than in nations like Saudi Arabia. It is important for the Olmert government to reach out to Arab members of the Knesset and get them actively involved in peace efforts. They represent the success of Israel democracy, not its weakness. Their presence proves Israel is not a Jewish state, it is a nation that encompasses people of diverse religions.