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What Do Arab Youth Want In Life?

The second annual Arab Youth Survey conducted by PR major Asdaa Burson-Marsteller interviewed 2,000 Arab young people concerning their desires. Among the key points raised in the survey were:

1. A desire for democracy.
2. Lack of employment and lack of housing.
3. About 70% considered themselves to be citizens involved in the entire world not just their local areas.
4. High interest in high tech.
5. Google is their preferred website followed by Facebook and Yahoo.
6. Social networking is their most preferred way to keeping in contact with friends.
7. Almost fifty percent read a daily newspaper in addition to obtaining news on Internet.
8. They are brand conscious.
9. Less than 20% spend their leisure time engaged in physical activities.
10. Use cell phones and spend on consumer products.
11. Most youth in Gulf states prefer government to private industry jobs.
12. Top ten airlines are all Arabic.

Gee, they come across just like European and American youth.