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Islamist Lawyers Without Vices

There are a few problems confronting the people of Egypt, minor as they may appear such as poverty, lack of jobs and a government which stifles free speech and elections, but a group of Islamist lawyers intend to focus the nation on critical issues which will determine if their nation survives. Lawyers Without Borders is NOT a legal group concerned with human rights or equality for women. It wants the Public Prosecutor to prosecute publishers which print obscene books like the Arabian Nights. OK, the book has been around for a few hundred years, but it was not until this dedicated group of legal whiz kids closely read the work that it became clear characters in the book discuss and engage in SEX AND VICE!! Gee, I thought before the West intruded into the Muslim world, things were great and there was no sex or vice or lewd things around, but according to these men, the Arabian Nights is a cesspool of vice and lewd behavior. In fact, they also want “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” also placed on the ban list.

Do you ever get the sense there are some people in the Muslim world–and the Christian and Jewish– who sit around worrying about sex and vice. Does this mean they never engage in such practices? I guess not having children around allows them time to read sex content books and underline passages.