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French Catholic Bishops Oppose Sunday Shopping

The head of French bishops expressed strong opposition to proposals by President Sarkozy to allow stores to open on Sunday in order to spur the economy and allow people to do more shopping. Archbishop Andre Vingt-Trois of Paris, declared, “this is an unhealthy development because I believe that a society that has no bearings to mark its use of time is a society that is coming apart.” He pointed out Sunday was often the only time of the week when children and parents could gather and enjoy a pleasant family meal. The Archbishop also cited high divorce rates which somehow connect to shopping or something like that.

If the Archbishop has such a strong desire to ensure people are not shopping on days when they might best attend a religious event, why isn’t he arguing against allowing shops to open on Saturday when Jews are supposedly in synagogues or close on days when Muslims or Buddhists need a day of rest? If we really want to give people time to be with families, let’s just ban all shopping and have them remain home.

If any family want time together they can make it and there is no connection to shopping or not shopping. In fact, they can all shop together and have a pleasant meal along the way.