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Spectre Of Democratic Senate Majority

Republic Senator Arlen Specter has left his party and joined the Democrats which will shortly ensure that President Obama has the necessary 60 votes in the Senate to push through his program without worrying about a filibuster. Naturally, Republicans decried Specter as a traitor or as one termed him, a “leftwinger” who has gone over to the other radicals in the Democratic Party. There is scant doubt that Specter’s moderate voting record was viewed by most Republicans as “liberal” if not “radical.” Republicans are trapped in the rhetoric of people like Rush Limbaugh even though most Americans have moved to the center, not the left.

Eventually, the Minnesota courts will allow Al Franken to assume the seat to which he was elected and thus provide the 60th vote for Democrats. Spector looked in the mirror and realized he would never win the Republican primary so he did the intelligent thing and became a Democrat. In essence, he joined America and left the yahoos of ignorance in the Republican party.