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Canada Refuses To Accept Some Iraq Refugees

The government of Canada has long been known for its generosity in accepting refugees from throughout the world, but apparently some Canadian officials are ready to end this spirit of concern for oppressed people. Canadian citizen Azad Sarkissian’s sister and her family escaped the horror of Iraq to find some temporary respite in Jordan and then applied for a visa to join her brother in Canada. She was told to head for her ancestral home in Armenia. The Sarkissian’s great grandfather left Armenia a hundred years ago to settle in Iraq. Since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, Christians have been threatened, beaten, and killed by Muslim fanatics and half the original 800,000 Christians have fled for their lives. The Sarkissian family was among those who left in order to escape death.

The Iraq Christians are in a quandry. Many have lived in Iraq for over a hundred years and, in so doing, lost contact with any relatives from their original lands. Armenia is a poor nation and unable to absorb them so a Canadian official who says “head back home” is offering nothing. The only “home” right now is with the Sarkissians in Canada. Hopefully, the Canadian government will rethink this policy of indifference to the plight of Christian refugees from Iraq.