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North And South Korea Seek Peace Treaty

Leaders of North and South Korea announced they will work to end the current armistice which separates the two nations and work towards writing a peace treaty to ensure peace, harmony, and cooperation between the two entities which have been separated for over fifty years. In the first step towards that goal, they agreed to initiate train service between the nations and have their military leaders get together to work out details of neutralizing border areas. North Korea stated that it would cease production of nuclear weapons.

Six years ago, George Bush assumed the presidency by attacking Bill Clinton’s efforts to conduct peace negotiations with North Korea. Bush claimed the United States could not negotiate with “evil” dictators. He began a verbal campaign of abusing North Korea which only increased tension. Today, the fallacy of Bush policies is now evident. One can negotiate with dictators and achieve the basis for peace and cooperation. Perhaps, now, Bush can push for talks with Hamas and other enemies of Israel and the United States.