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Putin Steps Up Rhetoric Over Arms Race

President Vladmir Putin sharply attacked both NATO and the United States over their plans to establish military bases near the border of his nation. “It is already clear,” said the Russian leader, “sthat a new hase in the arms race is unfolding in the world. It is not our fault.” He is concerned over plans by the Bush administration to construct new missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic, which supposedly, are to head off missile attacks from some enemy. Bush initially said the enemies were Iran and North Korea, but, the United States has been working with North Korea and it is hardly unlikely they would send missiles toward Europe. In fact, the real question is why would Iran send missiles to Europe knowing full well the retaliation would wipe out their nation?

Putin is now talking about increasing Russian military expenditures and resuming flights of bombers to do patrolling, a practice that ended fifteen years ago when the Soviet Union collapsed. NATO leaders have urged Putin to tone down the rhetoric and inform them when there will be flights. Of course, NATO remains silent on insisting Bush cease his ill-advised plans to build missile bases on the border of Russia. George Bush, as usual, creates tension in the world with his confusing foreign policies that consistently believe some unknown enemy is going to attack.