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Mugabe Ready To Crush All Opposition

The Soouth African government finally decded to exert pressure on President Mugabe by urging the immediate release of election results. President Mibeki of South Afrca has come under severe criticism throughout the world for his failure to demonstrate a commitment to democracy. Themba Maseko, a spokesman for South Africa, said: “When elections are held and results are not released two weeks after, it s obviously of great concern.” However, the South African governmnent is not going to do anything about halting shipment of weapons from a docked Chinese ship. The Zimbabwe government apparently ordered this material as part of its campaign of terror against the people of its own nation.

The Mugabe government has expressed the view Morgan Tsvangirai who won the election i guilty of “treason” for stirring up world anger against his nation. The government controlled, Herald newspaper published a letter supposedly sent by Tsvangirai to the British government asking it to send troops to Zimbabwe. The forgery is undoubtedly just another example of Mugabe using every possible weapon to defend his dictatorial rule.