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Zimbabwe Headed For Destruction!

Throughout the brutal reign of Robert Mugabe as leader of Zimbabwe whenever difficulties arise, he calls to arms the men who fought with him in the fight against British colonialism. The 84 year-old man just lost an election and this has sparkd his spirit of revenge against anyone who dares dispute his right to power. He has once again summoned up the spectre of our “war veterans” to intimidate opposing poltical parties which won the election and to drive out of his nation the last remaining British farmers. Mugabe’s slogan has always been, when in doubt, conjure up the fear of British colonialism event though Britain left thirty years ago. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has put together a fund of 500 Trillion Zimbabwe dollars to finance the latest outrage of violence against the innocent of this unfortunate land.

Although the votes were counted by a Mugabe controlled Election Commission, the president insists there was vote fraud which requires a run-off election that he is guaranteed to win. Morgan Tsvangirai, whose Movement for Democratic Change won the election, claims the president is “preparting a war on the people.” There are reports General Constantine Chiwenga told Mugabe he was not going to give up power and if Mugabe doesn’t make certain his Zuni-PF wns, then an army coup will ensue.

The only hope for Zimbabwe lies with the African Union. Will it stand for the people of Zimbabwe or will it stand with Mugabe? If I was a betting person, the sure bet is on Mugabe.